Monday, September 14, 2015

14th September, 2015

MONDAY MESSAGE         ARCHANGEL MICHAEL        14th September 2015

Dear Ones

Most are experiencing the “purging energies” of September, all in preparation for the glorious times you are dreaming into existence on your New Earth.

The energies of September 2015 were always going to be intense, for it is the culmination of that which needs to be released and transmuted.

For many of you - there is an experience of Lightness of the energies which is also stepping forward and in any 24 hour period of your time, you can swing back and forth with the rhythms that are flowing.

In Joy the ride Dear Ones, remember it is what you came to experience. This is the agreement you stepped into when you incarnated into this incredible lifetime on this Planet of Free Will. We counseled you before you “agreed” to be the Change Makers and the Way Showers at this most exciting of lifetimes. You were given your blue-print and you “knew” what was before you and you also “knew” you were a perfect fit for what would unfold. Now it is time to remember your gifts you placed within your tool box to be reignited at this very time.

Here you now stand at that precipice you witnessed and now you are “feeling the emotion and excitement” you had experienced in that original agreement. Those feelings are beginning to resurface and that excitement is beginning to build once more. Every day the feeling of something wonderful and magical is about to unfold keeps you moving forward. Letting go is KEY.  Letting go and allowing what is now in perfect alignment to “show up” in your space.

All you once were, all you once had, it is now time to let go of. Hand it over with love and that which you truly require will come into your space as if by magic - for magic is the name of this new game.

As you surrender more and more to who you truly are and let go of he old egoic sense of who you were, TRUE magic begins.

You are witnessing this letting go on a major scale on the surface of your Planet and we ask you to TRUST fully that all is not as it seems. Such wonderful times ahead on this New Earth.

Remember Dear Ones, you can assist your brothers and sisters on their journey by holding this Intention of the New Earth. As you hold your Light and Shine that Light into your own lives you are offering a service to Humanity which then allows you to hold the Intention of Love and Light and the New Earth for ALL.

Time to be of Service Dear Ones, this is why you came. Fill your cup of Love and Light and then pour the excess out for all to share - this is the Service you chose.

Love and Eternal Blessings Dear Hearts as you open your hearts and hands wider to assist all who walk this Blessed Earth with you.  This is the preparation for all that is to come forth in these magical new times. 

We stand with you, shoulder to shoulder with our wings surrounding all.

Stand tall Dear Ones. Call on your Mighty I AM PRESENCE to assist you and all humanity.

Time for Service Dear Ones,


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