Monday, September 7, 2015

31st August, 2015

Monday Message 31st August, 2015 Archangel Michael

Dear Ones,

Momentous times at hand. For many of you reading these words, you have prepared, journeyed, and worked towards aligning yourselves with the magnificent energies that are constantly interacting with your beautiful earth vehicles.

You have waded through the depths of your thoughts, emotions and beliefs. You have changed, deleted and cancelled so many old dis-empowering beliefs about yourselves, most of which were never, ever your beliefs - just those you chose to take on for the lessons you needed to bring to completion.

So much has been finalised in your life. Can you now look back years, months, even weeks and see how far you have evolved. If you could re-run the video you would hardly even recognise the person you once where.

Such are these times Dear Ones, the “new YOU” is evolving everyday, you feel it within your body vehicles and you wonder from time to time how much more there is to be released. Are you not feeling the benefits of all that you have let go of to this date? You are “Light”ing up in so many ways.

You at last understand that the NOW TIME, IS ALL THERE IS. No more living in the past and no more grabbing for the future. Staying grounded in the NOW allows all fear and worries to cease. The NOW moments allow you to truly be yourself, without the fear and judgements of the “what if’s” and “if only.” You are beginning to recognize the unique Be-ings you are, with all the attributes you have ever required. You are MASTERS, coming into yourselves more every day. 

Stand in front of a mirror - recognise the Be-ing within. Look past the reflection and see into the “essence” before you. You are Perfect as you are and you are beginning to realise this, not in an egoic way for the ego is giving way to the true-self. In Joy what you see, In Joy who you are. Honour that you have chosen to be on Planet Earth at this time as a Representative of “ALL THAT IS.”

Remember why you came. Look deeply into the “eyes of your Soul.” Ask questions and the answers will not only astound you but will also trigger memories of your original Contract. A remembrance of the promise you made to yourself and the “ALL THAT IS” to be the best you can be at this incredible time. Your memories are beginning to flow back into your awareness and this month of September 2015 you will see much of the past revisited. Be it a situation/people/places, will come into your awareness to finally let go of the last pieces of that representation.

As this month progresses, you will become more aware of your initiation into the future of Planet Earth. So much is to be revealed to you in the coming months. These next few months will feel like days in your Evolution.

Grounding is Paramount. Keep yourselves hydrated and grounded as you process the electro magnetic energies as they pulse through you allowing the last of the old to release and the “new You” to be encapsulated.

These coming days are like no other EVER experienced on your Planet and you are Be-ings like no other. MASTERS, step forward, ready to embrace all that is to unfold before you.

As always Dear Ones, we remind you, you are NEVER alone. We chose to be by your side as you took the trip of a lifetime to bring your Planet back from the brink of destruction. You have navigated this time with such grace and elegance, as always we stand in awe. Your Earth is coming into balance and harmony once again. The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine again reign. 

The Love/Light of the Galaxy/Creation is driving all of this and is reaching a crescendo. More Souls are waking up and feeling the LOVE. We ask that you continue to bring in the LOVE/LIGHT quotient for your personal enrichment and then, send it out to others in close proximity and then out to all humankind, to the elementals and all who share this time of Magnificent Change. The New Earth is NOW.

You are loved beyond measure Dear Ones.


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