Monday, September 21, 2015

21st September, 2015

Monday Message Archangel Michael      21st September, 2015  Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

In this time of Grand Transition, bring your attention to your Mighty I AM PRESENCE. Honour your connection to the ALL THAT IS. 

YOU are ONE with All HUmanity, you have NEVER been separate, that was an illusionary construct to make you feel isolated from the Creator/Mother/Father God in order for you to be manipulated into believing you were unworthy of the Love of the Creator/Mother/Father God. All perfect to allow the lessons required to return to this time in your Evolution.

It is now time to realign with the Creator you are, for in essence you are Creation. You and the Creator are ONE. You have NEVER been separate and you are now understanding that as you once again bring yourselves back into the knowledge and awareness of this mighty TRUTH.

Great changes have been achieved by each of you as you agreed to walk this path to your New Earth. You have felt “alone and un-loved” in past times. However, NOW you are feeling the reconnection more than ever. You are feeling the LOVE that flows from you and those sharing this transition. You are witnessing this new coming back together of all HUmanity being played out in your streets and countries all over your Planet, as HUmanity are again joining together in Peace and Love one person at a time.

No longer will you be manipulated and lied to, for your beautiful hearts can now see the TRUTH from the lies like never before. You are waking up, and standing up, for what is right for each of you and then standing shoulder to shoulder with the oppressed allowing the world to see separation is no longer. What affects ONE affects ALL.

It is such an inspiring sight to witness as each of you stand tall in your commitment to ALL HUmanity.

Everyday more Souls on your Planet are awakening to the wonderful news of the Evolution of ALL mankind and everyday more join your ranks. Oh Dear Ones, it is such a sight to behold. These are the times you are dreaming back into reality, the times you have spoken of for eons. All of you knew this time would come and you are now feeling the stirring within your hearts as you see it come to pass.

So much awaits you on the other side of this reformation of HUmanity. So many wonderful events will now unfold in rapid succession that you will be in awe of the Joy and Rapture that is before you.

You truly are the Ones you have been waiting for - the Christ Consciousness of You is being returned to each of you and you truly are the LIGHT, LOVE and the TRUTH of the New Earth.

Honour yourselves and each other - no more separation Dear Ones for you now are truly ONE.

As always it is our Joy to witness, one of the greatest Miracles playing out before all Creation.

Feel the Love that you are - Be the Love that you are and watch as many more Miracles appear in front of your eyes.

Did we say Miracles Dear Ones? Watch with Love as they roll out in your awareness and as always give thanks and gratitude that YOU chose to be the Ones fulfilling this prophecy.

It is our greatest delight to hold your hands and your hearts once again and watch as the Greatest of Beings finally KNOW WHO THEY ARE.

Abundant Love, Light and Joy to each of you magnificent Souls as you shine your Light to allow ALL HUmanity to find their way Home once again.

Peace be with you ALL Dear Ones.


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