Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday Message               Archangel Michael              February 8 2016                    

Dear Ones,

This time is all about YOU. The energies at this cosmic time are extremely turbulent to say the least.

Therefore, we are suggesting you be very aware of “filling your cup first.” You are indeed required at this time and you will not be ready when called unless you nurture and care for YOU.

Many are experiencing “body issues.” These past many months have been about clearing much of your mental/emotional selves. Now it is time to focus on the physical layer. Many aches and pains, digestive issues, still a lot of vertigo, heart and blood issues. Grounding is hyper important.

Mother Earth is shifting and changing every moment and the effects of all that flow on to you. The Earth and You are ONE. Therefore what affects one affects all.

During these next few weeks it is highly recommended that you take extra time and extra care of your physical selves. Become indulgent with YOU. Even if the only time you can spare in your hectic lives is to take time to focus on you, be still, take deep, deep breaths.

Just Be - Just Allow - Breathe deeply - Ground. You will certainly feel the benefits if you bring these small steps into your consciousness. Without these small adjustments your body will make its needs very clear to you.

If you choose not to stop, relax, breathe your body will show signs of stress and pain and you will be “forced” to slow down.

Relax Dear Ones, it is not all about running, achieving, struggling. That paradigm has passed. Time to slow down and embrace your new life of freedom. Go slowly, acknowledge you have “shifted” from your old ways. Embrace the New YOU and all that entails.

Take moments and notice how you have changed. How do you feel compared to a few months ago? Can you recognise a difference?

Everything and everyone is changing. Time to acknowledge that. Time to embrace the new. Time to breathe Dear Ones, relax, you are in transition. Recognise the role you are playing in this grand game of life.

Breathe, and then move forward in ease and grace.

No longer pushing, shoving, striving.

Relax, let go, In-Joy.

And so it is.




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