Sunday, February 7, 2016

Monday 1st February, 2016        Archangel Michael Message

Dear Ones,

Are you ready to fly?

Make sure your baggage is stored - you will not be requiring it ever again. Make sure your feet are flat on the floor - connected to Mother Earth. Everything you require for this leg of your journey is available within you.

Are you ready for the ride of your life?

Are you feeling the magic in these days? You are each bringing forth all that is required for ALL Humanity to make this giant leap forward in your evolution.

We know you have “packed” many times and delays have occurred but we assure you the time is NOW - you are ready for take-off!!

The alignments are in place to allow ALL humanity to once again claim your Sovereignty. The abundance you desire, in all forms is before your eyes.

Look to the skies and give thanks for the many blessings that are flowing in to be shared by ALL humanity.

Your prayers for Peace and Love have been heard and reverberated through the Universe. You are undoubtedly the Ones you have been waiting for.

All the masks are off - time to reveal and OWN who you TRULY are and what you have come to do, or be, at this Cosmic Moment for awakened Beings.

The Critical Mass of Souls owning their desire to step up and be counted amongst the Pioneers is extraordinary. Each time one of you leaps forward, many more hear the the call and follow. It is indeed a Revolution and you are the leaders. You will be called upon in these coming days, weeks and months to TRULY “Walk your Talk.”

Those walking just behind you are trusting you “know the way” and that you are willing to hold their hands and lead them to this Glorious New Earth.

So many of you are tired, exhausted even, from all the many “false starts” but we remind you Dear Ones you were given opportunities to move forward BUT you were the ones who chose to wait for that perfect moment when all humanity could move forward together.

That moment has arrived. You can feel it in your heart. You KNOW the Cosmic Moment is upon you.

Strap yourselves in for this grand adventure and a ride like no-other. What you do now has NEVER been done before in a physical body.

Did we say fasten your seat-belts?

As always it is our delight to be of service to you as we share this grand adventure.

Let’s all hold hands together - physical and non physical Beings as ONE.


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