Monday, April 11, 2016

11th April 2016

Monday 11th April 2016      Archangel Michael Message     Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Currently you are sitting in the energies of Push and Pull, at least that is how it feels to many of you. So much needs to be “fast tracked” for you to move into the next phase of your expansion.

What is coming up for you to notice and resolve will allow for much progression.

So much is “in your face” at this time, calling you to “face-up” and acknowledge what is no longer working for you. What condition are you in? How is your health, wealth, relationships? All these “triggers” that keep you from advancing on your path.

How do you handle what is showing up for you? When triggered do you resort to your old ways of handling things like stress and pressure (old 3rd dimensional ways) or can you now move to your new time lines of 5th dimensional ways and choose a different outcome.? Notice yourself - how are you reACTing? Old or new energy?

As you are moving more rapidly on the 5D timelines you will notice how your emotions/feelings are much easier to handle than the old re-ACT-ionery ways of anger, frustration, judgement, shame etc etc. You are learning new ways to approach what is appearing in your space. You have tools now. You have the ability to STOP, take a breath, choose how you re-ACT in that micro moment of the in-between breathe you can choose a different outcome.

In that still moment you have CHOICE - this is the new way of Be-ing, and you, the Creators that you are, come up with new realities just by making a CHOICE.

Thinking with your HEARTS instead of your heads - a truly new way of relating.

The heart, higher heart, thymus gland is the greatest way forward when dealing with what is placed before you for transmutation.

In time you will become so adept using the heart solution then the love that you are 
will flow into every action automatically.

This is true evolution Dear Ones. When you are completely heart-opened and heart focused, Beings of Love you will be living the life you chose for this lifetime.

For many you know this TRUTH and are working diligently to make it your first point of reference when confronted by a situation that triggers an old emotional response. Like new lessons this is a new way of Be-ing and it takes time for these changes to be structured in a way that soon it will be an automatic response straight from your heart space and then you will KNOW you have made a massive transformation in your Human expression.

Dear Ones, do not be so hard on yourselves when you have a set back - anything new takes time and effort to perfect. This is what you are achieving, working with your emotional responses in a completely new paradigm. You were never taught this in your school systems - for many this is such new information.

Keep up the great work Dear Ones and may I remind you that we walk with you. 

Living and loving on Planet Earth is all about RELATIONSHIPS and when issues arise, call on us. Ask for the highest outcome for any situation and we your Guardians and the Guardians of the “other” will assist on all levels of understanding to bring the highest outcome possible.

Glory is your Birthright Dear Ones, and you are understanding this more each day as you begin to acknowledge the love that you are radiating out from your Heart to those with whom you share this time and space.

A reminder Dear Ones, those who you believe cause you the greatest consternation are also your greatest teachers - the triggers they invoke in you were set in timelines to be ignited at the appropriate time for your further growth and development along your pathway.

Always give thanks, send love and remember to FORGIVE yourself firstly for your part in this fanciful PLAY and then forgive those who ignite the triggers that allow you to have maximum growth and understanding.

Nothing is as it appears Dear Ones, so many TRUTHS hidden awaiting you to focus your LOVE AND YOUR HEART in igniting that TRUTH for all mankind.

You are here at this time by CHOICE Dear Ones, and what a splendid time you chose to finally learn the lessons, bring closure and then open completely to the New Earth you are creating, having made great choices with a clear perspective for ALL humanity to live in Peace and Abundance, fully in your Sovereignty, surrounded by the many Beings chosen to assist you at this time.

What a glorious celebration of LIFE AND LOVE on your bountiful, abundant New Earth.

Welcome HOME Dear Ones, it is a joy to share this experience with such magnificent Souls.

Let the Celebrations ring out.


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