Monday, April 18, 2016

18th April, 2016

Monday 18th April, 2016       Archangel Michael         Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

You have just moved through very intense energies - lots of shaking and shifting reflected not only in your own precious bodies but also felt very intensely through the whole of Mother Earth. Many loving souls leaving the Planet through this gateway. All is, as it is. Honour those who have chosen to leave at this Cosmic moment for they assist YOU and All Humanity in this massive reformation of the New Earth.

The Photonic Light which is pulsing through your bodies is upgrading, re-aligning and bringing you into perfect balance with all that is required for this next part of the transition.

Time to honour your role in all that is transpiring. Time to take personal responsibility for that which is playing out in your energetic field. You were the Ones who put your hands up for this unfolding transition . Time to REMEMBER Dear Ones, and OWN your part in all that is playing out in your awareness.

Many are now holding so much more “light” in your physical bodies and we remind you to run what is required through your physical vehicles and then Consciously send the excess out to the rest of humanity/Planet Earth. You may wish to focus on a particular person, place, or situation then consciously share your Love/Light with the Intention of it being for the highest good of all concerned.

Picture yourself and the “other” bathed in this Radiant Light - watch as the transformation takes place. If you will consciously do this a few times a day, you will in fact, be assisting the process of Ascension for ALL.

Many are feeling tired and weary, as this is a very exhausting time but by using this tool of “sharing” the Light/Love that you have received, and then sending that out to the Planet this will give you a sense of the Service to Humanity you have chosen  at this time.

Breathe deeply Dear Ones, hand on heart and allow the Love/Light that YOU are to extend out. See the Light coming in through your Crown Chakra, which is open like petals of a flower, directing the Light into your heart centre - fill every cell, every atom of your Being and then with the excess Love/Light flow it into your Earth Star Chakra just beneath your feet, with the full intention of it being received by those who require it at this moment. It maybe just one person, a group, a country or the entire Planet you wish to make the beneficiary of this life giving essence.

Take in 3 deep breaths, allow what will be to be and honour yourself for what you are contributing to the New Earth.

Dear Ones, there is so much more you can offer yourself and the Planet by just being the LOVE THAT YOU ARE .

Approach all others with an open heart, flowing this photonic energy at every opportunity and watch how you personally change and those in your field will change just by osmosis.

You are the Light in your world Dear Ones, shine brightly for all to see.

And so it is.


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