Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday Message                                                         26th September, 2016
Archangel Michael       Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Your ability to transmute these extraordinary energies increases exponentially. You truly are Masters of your environment. September has been off the charts with dynamic shifting and changes. So much has occurred within your physical bodies and you have felt every ache, and pain.  Every part of your body is affected. We remind you Dear Ones - this is an Evolutionary Shift of physicality from Carbon to Crystalline - NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE IN HUMAN FORM.

You are Way-showers Dear Ones. Congratulate and applaud yourselves for undertaking such an incredible feat. If you could but see what we see. We are truly in AWE, Dear Ones. Each of you now taking more in your stride. The bemoaning has lessened, as you appreciate you have signed on for this transition and you are now witnessing daily the positive outcomes for the effort you are expending.

Continue to breathe through the changes Dear Ones. Your ability to “go with the flow” is being tested to your highest capabilities and as your supporters we witness the growth experienced by each Soul. After all Dear Ones, this is what you came to do!

Dear Ones, as your cheer squad we wish to encourage you to keep on, keeping on. We feel you when you cry out, that it is all “too much.” You tell us you wish to go home - let us remind you Dear Ones you are HOME - this is your new home and you are just beginning to understand where everything is placed - you are finding your place.

When it all feels too overwhelming (and it will) feel us closer than ever before. Go quiet, listen and we are there. We hear your cries, we wipe your tears, we listen to your prayers and requests. As your consciousness rises you are taking your power more completely and remembering your role in this Evolution of Humanity.

Your safe passage is assured Dear Ones, you are making the Dimensional shifts necessary to bring your HEAVEN to your EARTH. You work diligently not only in your awakened hours but during your dream space. So much is being achieved - not yet physically visible to you. You interact on so many levels Dear Ones and the Beings who assist you are delighted to be of service.

Dear Ones, we wish to shower you with LOVE/LIGHT, breathe it in, allow it to flow within each of your trillions of cells.

As you become more LIGHT all of the struggles will subside and you will freely find your Bliss.

How can we assist you further Dear Ones? Please call upon us to add to your awareness as we all walk this path in unison. This is a co-operative process Dear Ones, What is it you wish to Create in these transformative energies?

REMEMBER who you are - REMEMBER why you came 

Take your rightful position in your changing reality. YOU WERE BORN FOR THESE TIMES. You are noticing the cells stir within you at the mention of the magnificent changes to your Planet.

You are the Ones, the time is now. What lays before you is YOUR Creation.

Dear Ones, we have reminded you often to “Let-GO” we now reiterate that statement as we assure you, letting go is the only option if you truly wish to be FREE. All that holds you back from achieving all you desire is what you are holding on to. Holding on/hoarding is about fear - you can only serve one Master at a time - let that BE LOVE - let You be LOVE and watch your world shift before your eyes.

LOVE truly is ALL THAT IS - when you CHOOSE to live only from LOVE - fear has nowhere to reside.

Be LOVE Dear Ones, Breathe LOVE, Speak only of LOVE and BE the Magnificent Being you came to be.

LOVE and LIGHT Dear Ones, your future is here.

And so it is.


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