Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday Message - Archangel Michael            21st November, 2016   Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

We in the Realms of Illuminated Truth are witnessing how fast your world (inner and outer) is collapsing now. All perfect.  All in perfect timing. We also witness your exhaustion and the effects on your body vehicles. 

Let us remind you Dear Ones, Rest, Relax, Let-Go.

In this NOW moment, all is well, all is perfect - breathe.

Re-member Dear Ones when you EAGERLY volunteered for this experiment? A time to end duality, a time to end the experiment of the 3rd Dimensional living, a time to return to the ONENESS that you ARE?

Relax Dear Ones, the hardest part is over. If you can choose to stay in each NOW moment, that is where Creation happens. In this NOW moment, what is it you desire to BE, HAVE, KNOW, GIVE?

In all instances, and all NOW moments the answer is LOVE. For as you now know LOVE TRULY IS - ALL THERE IS.

Let LOVE be your guide and decision maker - and watch what flows forth. Miracles will appear as if by magic, for that is who YOU truly are Dear Ones, Magical, Miraculous, Beings - Creators of ALL THAT IS. 

You are beginning to witness your manifestations appearing quickly in your day to day reality and when that happens it gives you more confidence to manifest the next step and then the next.

As you now awaken to the endless possibilities that are appearing in your reality, a little lack of sleep or depleted energies can be overcome by the Miracles you are Manifesting.

Dear Ones, as always we stand with you - smiling at the reactions that are becoming the norm for you.

In the outside world - many end-games are playing out - all once again in perfect timing - do not give your energies to this - all is as agreed.

Once again we remind you not to waste your precious energies on what you deem “wrong in your world” - use the LOVE THAT YOU ARE to instigate the changes you wish to envision for your world.

Each of YOU are Mighty, Powerful Beings of Light and when connected to each other through like-mindedness you are the CHANGE THE WORLD REQUIRES and you are making the Shift required.

You are the TRANSITION TEAM, you are the Ones who stepped up for times such as these. Yes Dear Ones, you are exhausted, for this transition has taken longer than you first believed. May we remind you, it could have been over sooner, and you could have by now be playing in the Golden Times - HOWEVER, Dear Ones because of who YOU are and the LOVE that you are, you wanted to share this experience with everyone willing to make the changes necessary to enter into the 5th Dimension and beyond.

It is because of YOU - ALL BEINGS who choose, will make this transition - YOU allowed extra time for their awakening. Be Pleased with yourselves Dear Ones for shining the LOVE that you ARE out for all to hold onto the Light Beam you emanate.

Incredible times ahead for each of you as you wind up these last few weeks of a very intense and extremely baffling 2016.

Prepare for the last few weeks of this year 2016 to show up a number of “Surprises” - although for those of you reading these words probably not so - for after all you are on the Transition Team and organised much of what is transpiring. Even though most of you have “forgotten” the role you played in rolling out these amazing times.

Time to Re-member Dear Ones and the JOY that beholds you will be witnessed by all who walk beside you during these momentous times.

It is our delight Dear Ones,

And It is so.


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