Monday, November 14, 2016

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL 14th November, 2016

Greetings Dear Ones,

What an incredible day we shared yesterday. Archangel Metatron, Mother Mary and I were delighted to spend the day sharing our energies and vibrations with all the beautiful Souls in attendance. We thank your for honouring your Soul Calling at this critical time in your evolution.

So much is transpiring on your Planet - great change and upheaval - this is but a reflection of your own inner journey - as within - so without. ALL is coming up to be transmuted back into LIGHT. The darkness has had its time on your planet and now Creation degrees it is time for the LIGHT to shine once again.

All that is being forced to the surface is for transformation and transmutation so what appears as dark, ugly, unimaginable truths, are leaving - allowing all that is no longer wanted or needed to leave. Do not grab a hold of it - just allow, Dear Ones as it will leave of its own volition.

YOU are being called to hold the LIGHT - that is all - hold the LIGHT, IN ANY SITUATION THAT APPEARS IN YOUR AWARENESS. The days of fighting, arguing, defending the old its over. 

BE THE LIGHT YOU CAME TO BE - Simple really!!!

Dear Ones, Stay in neutrality, stay in LIGHT.

If it no longer serves you - let it go. Send LOVE, be only LOVE, and watch how it transforms effortlessly. What you give your power and energy to increases - LET YOUR POWER AND ENERGY - BE LOVE.

Just BE Dear Ones, Just Be.

Your LIGHT shines so brightly now the dark has no where left to hide - all coming out and up from the trenches it has occupied for eons of time.

So many glorious changes ahead for you Dear Souls, as you, the LIGHT that you Are, stand like a Sentinel for ALL to see.

You are surrounded and supported by Beings from all Dimensions at this time of Great Evolution. All smiling, holding their hands outstretched to take your hand in theirs as ALL walk towards the greatest outcome of all time.

Magic and miracles await each of you Dear Ones.


And so it is.


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