Monday, January 23, 2017

MONDAY 23rd January, 2017  
Leslie-Anne Menzies                             Archangel Michael

Dear Ones,

YOU came to be the Change-Makers.  That is who you are.  You know this in every cell of your beautiful body vehicles.

You are witnessing all the old world collapsing (3d) is crumbling, falling away, never to return. Allow it to do so. Hold only LOVE in your hearts. Allow yourself to step onto the Platform of LOVE, COMPASSION AND EMPATHY.  Seek non engagement in what is leaving, as you will only slow the process if engaged.

As Change-Makers you wish to see the New Earth evolve and it is. However, all that is no longer of the new 5th Dimensional Vibration must leave. Its demise is not pretty - but you knew that is how it would be - it is truly ugly and you know this is how it must unfold. Let it all go, be the LOVE you came to be.

Your LIGHT and LOVE is all that is required from you at this time. You know in your heart that shining your LIGHT into the darkness is the greatest GIFT you can offer your Earth right now. There is no other way to proceed at this time. LOVE truly is all that there is.

YOU are the Change-Makers and the Way-Showers and it is encumberent on you to be ALL you came to be at this time.

The old Earth is collapsing faster than you can even imagine. What you see before your eyes is minuscule compared to what is happening.

Deep within the Core of the Earth - and as you and the Earth are ONE, you also - all is being transformed, regenerated, flowing out in many cases like hot lava affecting everything in its wake.

From the ashes of this change Mother Earth and You will become the beautiful new creations you are all charged with creating.

There is so much beauty in You and the Earth and as you allow the flow of LOVE that you are, you will witness Creation in its purest form.

Wonderfully exciting times on your Planet Dear Ones. If you could but witness all that is falling into place, with the LOVE THAT YOU ARE. Release and let-go Dear Ones, all is transitioning before your eyes.

As you continue to open your hearts even wider you continue to bring more Light into your Divine Being. This Love, this Light is what is needed to saturate your New Earth.

Picture in your minds eye - your Earth, pristine, flowing in Light and Love. All Beings living healthy, abundant, purposeful lives. You are the Power and Authority you have been seeking outside of you. No longer give this Power away Dear Ones. Own it, acknowledge it and watch as the transformation happens for all Beings.

As always we remind you - the Veil between us has lifted significantly. So many more of you are seeing us/feeling our energy within your sphere. We are ONE with YOU. Watch as the magic and miracles continue to unfold.

Many of you are witnessing these Miracles unfold within and around you. Speak of them. Allow others to know the truth of what we speak this day.

Miracles will be the new currency for the New Earth.

You are the Creators of your New Earth Dear Ones, therefore you are the Creators of these Miracles. As you fully regain the knowledge of your own Power, use it wisely. The New YOU and the New EARTH are being created as you read these words - for that is how powerful you are.

When you can take a belief such as this and OWN it in your energetic field then it flows outwards into your reality - the Power of Creation Dear Ones. You are the Creators.

We stand with you as you realise the enormity of what lay before you.

Dear Ones we remind you it is so very simple.

All that is required of you is to BE LOVE - IN ACTION in every situation.

Shine your LIGHT on every situation.

Practice these two simple steps Dear Ones when next challenged - move out of your old re-action-ery state, go into your higher heart, breathe deeply, acknowledge the LOVE THAT YOU ARE and then allow from this space.

We assure you Dear Ones Magic and Miracles will happen in THAT MOMENT.

And so it is.



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