Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday Message Archangel Michael
8th May, 2017 Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Hearts,

You are the brave souls moving through, what for so many, feels like “quick-sand.” These evolutionary times you find challenging at best, and for many the feeling of being totally  overwhelmed, engulfs you more times that you wish to acknowledge.

And still you move forward.

Dear Ones, we wish to surround you with our LOVE and hold you, as you move through these challenges. If you could but see all that we see is radiating before you. Keep the faith Dear Ones, ALL is in its perfection. This maybe not be how you believe it to be, but we ask you to keep taking each new breath and each new step and before long this will be forgotten. For when you see what is before you and understand how all was divinely planned and conceived, you too will rejoice as we do.

Time like no other we reiterate. How could you possibly know or understand what you chose to FORGET. As the awakening continues and the amnesia subsides, you will finally REMEMBER and that remembering can be triggered by a feeling long hidden in the depth of your heart. As your hearts continue to open and expand, more remembering will occur.

TRUST your Sacred Hearts Dear Ones, for they beat with the Information of the Ages and the LOVE THAT YOU ARE . You are eternal and the remembering will bring you back to the TRUTH allowing you to remember YOUR UNIQUE WISDOM, your piece of the puzzle, and finally releasing THE LOVE YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN.

Dear Ones, Relax, Breathe, Allow - ALL is unfolding perfectly. Allow the LOVE to engulf you and all you come into union with. You are feeling this Re-Union occur in many areas of your life - with family, friends and even “strangers” with whom you feel a familiar “knowing.”

No strangers Dear Ones, these are Souls you have shared many journeys with and you are all coming back to wholeness as you walk through each new day. 

Dear Ones we have spoken many times of the bodily transformation taking place during this time and we remind you once again to Relax and Allow all that is unfolding regarding your health and vitality. Allow yourselves to create all that is in your field into the perfection you wish to experience.

EVERYTHING is being RE-NEW-ED - Relax, Allow, Breathe

YOU chose these times, YOU chose these experiences, YOU even chose the Players in your Life Play.

Dear Ones, EVERYTHING is moving faster and faster in your reality. Hold on for the ride of your lifetime. No “Theme Park” can EVER compare to what you are experiencing and more importantly what is to come.

Seat-belts fastened Dear Ones, the Ride is about to accelerate and exhilarate.

Relax, Allow, Breathe and IN JOY.

We always hold you with the greatest LOVE.

And so it is.

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