Monday, April 15, 2013



Dear Ones,

Today I assure you - your world is changing rapidly. Much movement is taking place inside and outside. Do not fear the changes - place your attention and your energy on LOVE - this is the only vibration to focus on at this time. LOVE is the vibration that brings forth all your connections to the Archangels, Angels and all the Beings of Light. Great Light is being beamed onto the Planet through your beautiful bodies and then as agreed by you, anchored into the Earth’s Grid.

So much LOVE/LIGHT is being transmitted that anything less than that vibration can no longer be accessed by the Angels and Beings of Light. They wish to work more closely with all on the Planet and yet Free Will still applies so they can not interfere. You need ask for the assistance you require at this time. However, we are noticing so many more souls accepting their roles and doing their part in anchoring these Divine Energies into Gaia. We thank you most sincerely for the work you do to assist all. Many more souls are beginning to accept that they now know more clearly their function at this time. So many of you beloved souls have stepped forward, still not completely sure of what it is you are to do but with a very clear intention to assist in any way called upon. You are REMEMBERING Dear Ones on so many levels of your being and the time draws near when all will be “Crystal Clear.”

As always we are your cheering squad, assisting in all ways to speed up the process which will allow you to see your true selves - the pure hearts that you are.

Assistance is everywhere - many of the Archangels, Angels and Light Beings have stepped even closer to the Earth to be of the greatest assistance with what is transpiring. Much of the anger and fear of the old 3D reality is being transmuted so much faster now and we thank those of you who have worked to clear the negative thought forms of this old energy.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE can you not feel the changes in those around you? Those who a few weeks, months, years ago you could not see what you had in common and now you can. So much more will be revealled as the old, dense energies move quickly through, faster than ever before as this process speeds up.

The newly awakened souls are reaching out, looking for the answers you hold in your hearts. Open you hearts even wider to all those who seek you out - it is time to be that Beacon that is required and let the beams of your light radiate out for all to see.

No longer fear the conversations with family or friends with whom you have felt judgment or lack of understanding, we tell you Dear Ones everyone is looking for answers at this time.

We of the Angelic Light Realms look on with Joy and Excitement as we see what is transpiring on the Earth at this time. Know there will be much disruption, much breaking down of the old ways of being. We have told you this before in many ways but still you do not fully grasp the thoughts of COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION . All of your systems outer and inner are completely transforming. All of your old 3D ways of living, relationships, financial, governments, old beliefs in “security” all leaving. What is before you is FREEDOM - from all the restraints placed upon you and for some that will come at a cost - RESPONSIBILITY - there will be no one in charge of your life ONLY YOU. All 3D restrictions will be removed. Time to step-up Dear Ones and be the beautiful Beings of Light that you truly came to be. Step-up into the New 5th Dimenional Being you are and create the life of your dreams in this new 5th Dimensional world. Are you ready??

You said “send me.” Do you REMEMBER Dear Ones? Here you are at this most critical transformation of all that is you - about to come to fruition - changes unheralded - Are you Ready?

Step-up Dear Ones, Step forward - give us the sign - hold out your hands as we walk together into this beautiful New Earth.

It is with the greatest of pleasure we walk this path as ONE.


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