Monday, April 22, 2013

MONDAY 22nd April, 2013             ARCHANGEL MICHAEL         LESLIE-ANNE MENZIES

Dearly Beloved, Lightworkers and Wayshowers and beloved souls reading these words. I call on you all to open your Hearts wider. So much sadness and fear has once again been inflicted on your Earth. This is the work of those trying to stop the Light and the Love which is dominating the Planet now. The balance has been tipped, critical mass has been reached through the work you have done to make this so.

We ask you to hold strong in your Light. So many on the Earth are looking for the answers you posess. By your Hearts being aligned with the Light of Creation, and the Love that you are, they are attracted to you.

You, yourselves are the Beacons of this time and we watch as your Light grows on a daily basis - even if you are not always sure what is happeing, you know in your Heart that all will be well - it is a knowing you brought with you into this lifetime. This is the time you knew you were to shine. You can feel it in every step that you take. The feeling grows stronger and stronger each day. You move with Ease and Grace knowing you are finally “on purpose.”

Life on Planet Earth is moving rapidly into transformation - evidence is everywhere. This is a time like no other, no points of reference. As we have said each new day is created by taking one step after another. Faith, Trust and Love, abundant Love is what will take you all safely to the other side of this transition.

For indeed this transformation of your world has been spoken of for eons and here it is - the time is NOW. You the Greatest of Beings, who volunteered to be here to bring forth this transformation are waking up more and more each day. Many of you are starting to have recall of the gifts or talents you brought into this lifetime just for this “Moment in Time.”

Great Love awaits you all. Abundance, Joy, all you have ever imagined is before you - available to you this moment if you are ready to claim your Birthright and it is just that Dear Ones your Birthright. You are sons and daughters of Father/Mother God.

Honour and accept your gifts, open your Heart even wider each day - in spite of what you see transpiring in your world. Only Light and Love can drive out the darkness and the fear that is trying to cling to the old world.

You are the Co-Creators of the New Earth, the New World where Light and Love is all that will be present. Imagine your New World, all living in Love and Abundance, in perfect health and well being. No more illness as your innate healing abilities and your new DNA structures takes form. Living a life you invisaged before you came to Planet Earth.

You know of this life in your Heart and in your dreams - be the Creators that you are and anchor those dreams into this New Earth.

We await and assist you always. We see that you are also beginning to see and we look forward to the day when we all walk this New Earth together in total Peace, Love and Harmony and then it will be that together we created Heaven on Earth.

Blessings Dear Hearts, keep up this wonderful work to perpetuate this New Glorious Earth. We have asked you to call on us always. We are so close to you now, loving and supporting everything you do that is of the Light. Our excitement grows each day as we see what is unfolding. Reach out your hands we will assist you in all ways.

We are ever closer to you, loving and celebrating the work you do and we remind you this work can only be done “in body” that is why as your Angels and Guides we delight in each step you take towards this ultimate outcome.


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