Monday, April 29, 2013


Leslie-Anne Menzies


Dear Ones,

What a magical day we experienced yesterday. So many platforms were placed into the new blueprint for humanity. Never underestimate the work each of you is doing - much is being achieved each step, or person at a time.

Many activations took place yesterday and as I explained much of this is on-going - more work being done in the sleep space.

It was a day of growth for many of the participants - you will hear stories of transformations taking place because of that event.

What I see for all is growth and expansion and as I have suggested I would like you to take this information I AM providing, step out of your comfort zone and take these messages to where they are needed, out into the Community. Find groups of like-minded beings who wish to partake of this information. Expansion Dear Ones, so much Expansion is required during these times of great Planetary Shift and Alignment.

Many souls are hungering for information. It is a balm for their open wounds. Everyone, everywhere is struggling with the changes. You are Beings who like to live the unruffled existence, forgetting you chose this time of great unfolding.

Your feathers have been ruffled and there is tension in your lives - many still not sure where this is all leading.

As I mentioned yesterday - the Angelics, Ascended Masters and the Beings of Light are so close to you now, sharing the load, willing to assist in what ever area you need us. Call on us, allow us the opportunity to ease your burdens. We are all ONE - we are here to assist this transition which was agreed upon eons ago.

Remember Dear Ones to work from your Higher Heart - all answers await you there. Leave the Rational Mind behind. Your Higher Mind, Higher Self is the new you as you transgress these new times on Planet Earth.

So many more changes are just before you. Many of you are aware what is just in front of you. Have Mercy and Compassion on your fellow beings who are still fully asleep or are just wiping the sleep from their eyes.

They will look to you for answers to their confusion. They will look to you to show compassion and understanding as they continue to bump into the old energies that are leaving the Planet.

Shine your Light brightly Dear Ones, you are the beacons who are lighting the way for all to follow.

Open those magnificent Hearts and allow who you are to shine forth.

Step out into your communities. Show the Love that you are. Offer a sign, a compliment, a smile where there is no smile - these are the triggers for the unawakened. They will want to know, how you can smile during so much chaos and confusion. What do you know that I don’t? Please share with me a glimpse of a future I cannot see for myself. I need a lifeline - please be that presence for me until I AM able to find my own stability.

Yesterday you were given many tools of Mastery as you bring these tools into your everyday existence your Expansion will become obvious to all those in your presence. Taking responsibility for your own energy is key. This is a true Master. Use the tools, practice everyday, as we continue to work with you on this incredible journey.

This is why you are here Dear Ones.

Let your Light Shine Brightly.

And it is so


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