Monday, April 8, 2013

MONDAY MEDITATION 8th April, 2013     ARCHANGEL MICHAEL - Leslie-Anne Menzies


Your bodies are working extremely hard at the moment. So many changes to many parts of your anatomy - everything is changing. There is confusion in your hearts and your minds. Your biology is changing rapidly - you notice it in your sleep time, or is that “interupted sleep time.” This interuption is necessary for the internal changes to take place. Just go with whatever your sleep patterns are - all is changing. There is much activity also in your dream states - much of the old, stuck energies that have been stored in your body  for not only this lifetime but beyond is now being released and cleared.

Negative thought forms and emotions are being released from the cells of your bodies that have entrapped this energy for eons. It is ALL coming up and out to be cleared. So much of the rage and anger being played out on your Planet is due to the release of this old, stuck, negative energy.

I remind you Dear Ones it is time to be very gentle with yourselves. So much transition is happening within and without. Just look around, see what is transpiring out there and that is a reflection of what is also happening within each of your bodies. Does it not make sense that there is major disruption upon the Planet?

The Love and Light that is being streamed onto the Planet from the Creator/Great Central Sun is here to assist each of you to flow it through your physical vessels, clearing and cleansing as it goes.

Many of the Healing/Clearing modalities work with this Divine Light Energy to clear and balance each being on the Planet.

We ask those of you who are aware of the energies to use them for your personal healing but to also send this energy out to ALL on the Planet for Planetary Healing.

What each of you do affects the ALL. So as more and more souls embrace the simple technique of calling on the energies of the Divine, running it through your physical vessels and then invoke these energies to clear and clense the Planet much will transpire.

Much can be achieved when you become good stewards of the energy. The raising of not only your consciousness but the consciousness of the whole Planet will happen more rapidly. As Lightworker’s this is one of the vows you took to assist at this time of Cosmic Enlightenment. Every day more souls are awakening and their consciousness is connecting into the Grid of Light and activating more of the Cosmic Consciousness.

This is the agreed time, your job is an exciting one. You have all felt the need to stand up and do whatever you are called to do.

That time is NOW Dear Ones, your gifts, your abilities become more available to you each day.

Look to your heart, place your hands on your heart, ask questions as we have guided you to do so many times. The Heart Chakra/Thymus Centre is expanding and growing to assist with the many changes that are coming forward for you.

Look to your Heart - it is the Centre of your Universe - it brings in the energies of above and the energies of below and blends them in perfect unity to assist your every action.

Acknowledge your body, it is morphing the greatest change that has ever been experienced by Humanity. You agreed to be a part of this morphing - REMEMBER your promise to yourself and your fellow beings. Enjoy this transitionery time with the stresses and strains you believe are happening. Turn those thoughts around, see the beauty before you, honour the morphing that is YOU. REMEMBER why you came, REMEMBER the promises you made. Laugh, smile at yourself and each other and enjoy the ride Dear Ones it is indeed a fine ride.


I AM Archangel Michael

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