Monday, May 13, 2013


Dear Ones,

Are you enjoying the Roller Coaster Rides of energy brought up by the Eclipse Patterns?

Are you able to maintain stability? So much is being presented to you for your observation and clearance.

What patterns have been shown to you? Have you taken the time to discern what is in your field of awareness or have you been caught up in the “poor me” symptoms? Many disruptions to your relationships, be they close family or acquaintances. Much of the old familiar way of relating no longer applies in the new energetics. Much TRUTH is coming out including your own internal truths that will no longer be ignored - there can be no more “stuffing down” of thoughts or emotions - everything is up for examination, clearing and cleansing.

The magnetics of the body are “pushing out” (just as in the birthing process) anything that no longer serves you. Many have experienced in the past few days that which in the past you may have referred to as “break-downs” however we tell you it is in fact “break-throughs.” Feel the difference as you read these words - just breathe deeply and allow all that came up to pass through you. Remember to breathe deeply always Dear Ones and just ALLOW. What has come up is not only from this lifetime but from previous incarnations. Allow all that comes up to leave the body, say farewell for these patterns need to be let go so that you can once again move foreword without the old baggage that has weighed you down.

You will feel much lighter and the FREEDOM is gained by recognising these old ways of being no longer serve any purpose.

Feel the FREEDOM that you are gaining with each release. Many times things are coming up and out and you were not even aware that you held them as part of your being - everything un-conscious is being made CONSCIOUS.

No wonder there is such disruption on your Planet - all needs to be cleared and it is so.

Notice how much better you feel today compared to the last few days of this incredible shift that took place during the Eclipse energies.

Forward movement is now possible. However there is still much to be released but for now breathe again. Allow your bodies to rest and acknowledge the “work” you are doing to become Fully Conscious Beings.

Each day you move closer to the new way of being you have agreed to pursue at this time. Over the past number of years we have reminded you that during this time of Conscious Evolution it would not be easy or pleasant at times and we also reminded you that even though you as Lightworker’s pride yourself on being on the fore-front of the changes that you too would feel the full effects. We saw you shrug your shoulders and state - I can work with these energetics. I will “go with the flow” but as you have noticed it has been a little more intense than even you thought.

We therefore ask you to look to your fellow beings - those who as yet have not stepped fully onto this path. Fear is rampant on the Planet for those yet to awaken. Fear is what is driving most of the Planet and it can no longer maintain its hold. The tipping point has been reached when as the Lightworker’s you are - you are now called more than ever to shine the “Light” that is you.

We now ask you to step out of your comfort zones, you are needed most earnestly to speak to your family, friends, co-workers just gently at first and then with more vigor as you gain their attention. Many are looking for the answers you possess. Just a small amount of information can open a floodgate for those who no longer know where to turn.

You will find that just a word or a gesture will be the trigger for those who are desperately searching.

Time is moving rapidly toward many of the great changes we have spoken of. The more souls who begin to embrace and have an understanding of what is before all mankind will make this transition much easier.

Dear Ones, be brave, speak your truth, your words of wisdom, to all those you connect with. You are all united on this quest and the time to Remember why you came at this Cosmic Moment is upon you. Reach out Dear Ones, open your hearts and they will open their minds. Show them the Love that you are and that shall be reflected back to you One Thousand Fold.

Great work Dear Ones. Glorious times await all humanity. The excitement is building, can you not feel it?

It is always a pleasure to impart these words to you.


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