Monday, May 20, 2013

MONDAY MEDITATION  20th May, 2013  ARCHANGEL MICHAEL  Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones

You are feeling like you have been in the “surf” being washed clean - and as with the surf analogy you are the “surfers” on the board of life. As a young initiate surfer you needed to learn how to balance and gain stability so as to Master the elements and to finally stand up on your board. And here you are becoming the adept surfer where you are now standing up fully on the board and riding the waves. As with all waves sometimes you fall off but as all good surfers do you get back on the board, paddle out once again and prepare to ride the next wave. What if this next wave is the “perfect one” the one all surfers dream of and strive for?

Dear Ones the perfect wave is before you - you may still need to paddle for a short time, there maybe a few more spills just ahead - but it is all part of the game. This is what you signed up for.

Enjoy the ride, enjoy the waves, enjoy the spills. Laugh at yourselves Dear Ones - Laughter truly is good for your soul. It enlivens every cell in your body. It releases the “stuck energies” and allows your whole body to rejuvinate. Why then would you not want to laugh?

We hear your fears, we hear your concerns, the reasons why you cannot laugh but we remind you Dear Ones it is but a game - a game you chose, the rules you made.

Step back, look at how far you have come, all that has been accomplished, breathe into who you truly are. You are the sons and daughters of Mother/Father God, the All That Is, Creation - now smile Dear Ones as your memories return to this awareness.

As you step out of the water (the emotions) that have been holding you back, leave the past behind and prepare for this magical New Earth you are creating with each choice you now make.

What a wonderous time it is on this Planet as you ride these waves of discernment, all the while remembering why it is you chose to play this game at this most wonderous time.

The game is stepping up Dear Ones, the Waves are increasing, your energies are being realigned so that with each increase in wave movement so it is reflected in energy movements.

Oh how we love to watch you ride these waves because we know what awaits you on the New Shore you have already created before you stepped into this lifetime. Remember Dear Ones the plans we made, the laughs we had and now it is just before you.

Ride the waves well Dear Ones, laugh, have fun, enjoy the ups and downs for when you truly remember you too will be laughing joyously in unision with all Creation.

It is with much joy and laughter we celebrate with you.


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