Monday, May 6, 2013

MONDAY 6TH MAY 2013               ARCHANGEL MICHAEL                Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Many of you are feeling, tired, exhausted, overcome by the energies that are perpetuating at this time. I remind you to ground, take a walk on the Earth - go to the beach. Relax Dear Ones all is well - all is unfolding in perfect time - even though for many of you, that is not how it feels!

Remember to breathe Dear Ones, we in the Angelic Realms are beyond delighted with how it is all unfolding and we congratulate you for the work each and everyone of you are doing. To you it hardly appears obvious but you cannot see what we see and what we see we could not be more delighted with.

These few short months since the 20/12 closure of your old world have been tremendously exciting and we would ask you to cast your minds back to that time - you are not that person anymore - your life at that time no longer exists. For many there is very little memory of that time. You have moved so much into these new energies and we find it exhilarating the speed at which you have shaped and changed this New Earth.

What is really exciting for us to watch is how every day more and more souls are waking up. What an extraordinary time on your Planet, a time of major growth in so many areas of your lives.

As more and more awaken so you will see that the new technologies will rapidly be re-introduced to your Planet. Notice I say “re-introduced” as you have known and worked with these technologies before and as they appear many will have great remembrance of how they have contributed in the past and how they are ready and willing to bring this knowledge into NOW.

What an exciting, magical time it is to be on Planet Earth to watch as not only the inhabitants but friends from other times and Dimensions will start to show up and offer wonderful assistance to allow all to work together in Love and Peace to create the New Earth that you have dreamed for eons.

These are truly momentous times, the excitement from the Angelics and the Realms of Pure Light can hardly be contained.

We know the time fast approaches that all on Earth will see what we see, know what we know and awaken to all, that up until recently has been hidden from you. Remember Dear Ones this is how you chose to play the game until this time. You have began a new game, one in which you are writing the rules with each step you take - how wonderful. What an opportunity to make this new game full of love, light, peace and understanding for all - just what dreams are made of.

Each day as more of the Planet awakens and more information becomes available and more of the TRUTH of who you truly are is revealed, your Earth will explode into this renaissance.

Wonderful opportunities await each of you. Deep in your heart you know what I AM saying resonates - it stirs a long held excitement that you Remember the Promise of this time. The emergence of the Golden Age of Planet Earth.

Are you not stirred Dear Ones? We so delight in what awaits you, when all the shackles finally fall - when you realise you are FREE AT LAST. Free to make the changes, to bring this Planet back into the beautiful Planet it was always meant to be. Pure Light will return to the Earth and you are the ones who are bringing that Light back.

You have waited, worked and wondered and here it is, just before you.

Well done Earth Angels - find those wings and fly free.

In loving appreciation for all you bring to these exciting times.


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