Monday, July 29, 2013

29th July, 2013

Monday Message 29th July, 2013        Archangel Michael          Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones

What a pleasure it was to spend time with you during your event yesterday (Angel Workshop). We in the Angelic Realms love to play and have fun with you and much joy was experienced on all realms. We love to see your laughter and share your joy - laugh more often Dear Ones it raises your vibration and allows every cell in your body to sing.

Once again your Earth and all upon her are experiencing massive upgrades and an excelaration into the higher energetics. You have been given many tools to assist you on this journey. We wish to reassure you as always, everything is in Divine and perfect order. All is as it is - all is in agreement. You are moving forward now at a greatly excelarated rate. The changes that have been promised are fast transpiring. You can feel those changes within and around you. By now you have come to know when things are moving and shaking and you adjust your energy to match the vibration. Your awareness in all these matters has grown. You are fast becoming the human angels you set out on this journey to become.

What we would like to remind you of today is how important it is at this time to hand the baton on to the next wave of enlightened beings that are fast awakening. You have known this information and held it tightly to you, in many cases somewhat fearful of sharing with loved ones, friends, and family. We tell you Dear Ones there is now an abundance of information available to all. It is becoming necessary that everyone now awakens and it is no longer appropriate to play it small. There is a holding back that needs now to be released and replaced with the evidence of what is truly unfolding and anchoring on the Earth realm.

So much of what you are craving, FREEDOM  from oppression, in all areas of your life is in many cases held back because of the reluctance of many to share their knowledge. Fear is an aspect that is fast leaving the Planet and will leave even faster when more acknowledge what is happening and begin to do something about it. It is up to each individual to step forward at this time - please know that those who once ridiculed you because of your “different views” are now desperately searching for something that makes sense of all that is happening within and around them. There is mass confusion for the unawakened beings and the time has come for all to wake up. Being un-enlightened is no longer an option. Even if they struggle to believe you at first, point them to the plethora of information available.

The time of change is at hand - no more playing small - this is the time you choose to be the Beacon of Light to shine for all to see. Take of the masks show who you really are and you will be recognized as the ones who said I shall go first and pave the way and when I make the way safe, I will call your name.

Now is the time to call out to those still struggling in the dark Dear Ones. This is your time to shine as you agreed. We are ever closer holding your hands so you can reach back and hold the hands of those coming up behind you. We are ALL ONE Dear Ones never so more than at this time.

Watch as these next days and weeks unfold with more and more evidence of your dreams coming true - share the dream with those you love - you will be surprised by their willingness to now have “those conversations” the relief will be palpable.

Let’s walk this Path together, holding hands as we all walk towards FREEDOM for all.

Blessings Dear Earth Angels


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