Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Meditation 16th March 2015

Dear Ones,


It is indeed time to Let Go - more than ever before. You have held so dearly to your pain, anguish, misfortunes and unforgiveness. All of which have hurt you more than those you “blamed for the infliction.” All of these labels you have placed upon yourselves have held you in restriction and not allowed your SOUL the progression it seeks. It is now that time. This is the moment to set your Spirit free of the limitations you have placed upon yourselves.

You have held tightly to the injustices you saw within your lives. I remind you to “let go” of all of these notions and beliefs, for as the larger picture is revealed to you and you see who you truly are and what a magnificent “game” you have all been playing, you will wish to free yourselves of the dross you have gathered. Forgiveness is KEY, firstly forgive yourself, you have done what was needed to be done with the information you had at hand - now the TRUTH is being set free on your Planet you will understand this perfectly. Forgiveness of those you saw as “having wronged you” is paramount at this point in time. When you finally learn what “letting go and forgiveness” represent to your body - e.g. every cell delights in these actions, your heart expands, your enjoy greater health, and allows for greater understanding and acceptance - your “cells - celebrate.”  Therefore if you are having difficultly letting go of the minor/major irritations you see happening in your lives it will be nigh on impossible when the larger revelations take place. It is required that you now become ready to hear the TRUTH of all that has transpired in your evolution to date. You the Lightworker’s, Star-seeds, Indigos, which ever LABEL you relate to, can now step forward into the role you were born to live. I have mentioned before that the “labels” you give yourselves are for your own enjoyment “FORGET THE LABELS, REMEMBER THE ESSENCE OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE.” You are ALL ONE. 

You do not have to read any books, attend any seminars or seek anything outside of yourself - just see yourself - letting go, forgiving, whatever it takes, breath deeply and allow we will take care of the rest. It is by your “intention” that everything happens. Intend it and it is so. You are indeed Creator Be-ings.

The Adult Indigos/Baby Boomers as you like to call yourselves, knew this time would come  in their lifetime and you set the stage to bring into life the Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows, all these delicious labels you have created. We in the Angelic Realms so love your imaginative, creative skills you bring in so seriously to play this “game.”

It is time for all of you to step forward, combine your “essence”  for each of you have unique talents and abilities brought with you for just this moment.

You are all feeling the excitement of what is now imminent on your Planet. All are now called to join together and stand as ONE “essence” as you prepare to assist those yet unawakened to ride the massive waves of change on Planet Earth.

You will be the ones called to assist when most of humanity struggle to believe what they will initially judge as having been “done to them.” You will need to teach them about letting go and forgiveness and because this will be your truth they will grasp the concept more easily. There is so much to be done but you are the ones who will make this transition so much easier for your fellow Be-ings.  You will show these newly awakened souls how you have evolved and how all human kind are about to transcend in perfect alignment with the New Human/Galactic Be-ings each of you is becoming.

You will need to hold your LIGHT/LOVE high for these souls just coming out of the darkness to see. Your transition has been measured and precise and slow in your own reckoning - perfect in our eyes. For the newly awakened it will be abrupt, shaken from a deep, deep sleep and they will need to process information rapidly - but they will have you to lead the way. Your light will be brilliant and because of that it will give them the faith and belief that they will be searching for. We are with you every step of the way - call on us.

Time will move rapidly this year of 2015 for there is much to reveal and each new revelation will need to be digested and let-go in rapid succession. You are the ones and now more than ever you will understand why you stepped out.

We rejoice in watching your Planet move into full maturity as each of her Be-ings grasp the magnitude of what lies before them.

This is the time.

You are the Ones.

Such an incredible journey you have chosen - these times are like “no other” - what is about to unfold on your planet has NEVER BEFORE occurred. Can I remind you of how in awe we are of what is transpiring - you are the greatest Beings EVER to have walked on this earth.

Joy, excitement, love, harmony, abundance, renewed health, are all aspects of your future Be-ing and it is our delight to “over-light” all of you on this mission.

Did I say JOY?

You are loved beyond measure dear Be-ings of the New Earth.

I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and the Beings of Light 

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