Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Meditation 23rd March, 2015            Archangel Michael

Dear Ones,

Are you noticing you have “shifted” to a new location in your energies - how do you think and how do you feel? Are you using your Magical Heart to think and feel for this is truly the new energy.

The Old door behind you is forever closed - as you stepped into this new energetic vibration you were handed a “Golden Key”. It is the “Key” to your magnificent future - what does the future YOU, want? What doors do you wish to open?

For most of you, you are feeling the changes happening more rapidly. Solutions that once evaded you now look you in the eyes and ask to be seen.

You are see-ing these new solutions and acting upon them in record time without the ponderings and pauses of the past.

You are feel-ing more in control of your destiny than ever before and it is true. Answers are now available that eluded you. You look for and find solutions than weren’t even possible just a few short weeks ago.

Remember Dear Ones the old adage - “when you change, everything changes” and change is what these new energies are here to teach. Changes so magnificent that you are dreaming them into fruition. Remember, Dear Ones, you are Creator Beings never more true that this NOW moment. Your thoughts become manifest almost immediately - good to remember that!

You are becoming the HU-MAN ANGELS you have always been, however you are now believing it so. With the veil lifted you are actually recognizing yourselves more readily and you are willing to step out and step up to fully claim your Birthright.

Your belief in yourself is at an all time high and it is growing exponentially. Because of this new self-belief you are seeing that reflected in your fellow beings and that allows for a new Camaraderie to exist.

Many of you are holding hands now, supporting each other’s beliefs in a much more cohesive humanity. You wish to see this reflected out to ALL humanity and we remind you it is a step by step process. Now that you are working with the forgiveness of yourselves and the forgiveness of others, great change will be monumental.

So many more souls awaken daily, the critical mass of awakened souls has been reached and as you pour more Love and Light onto each other many more are caught up in the flow that this river of Love is producing and instead of swimming against the tide, as in the old energy - they are releasing and relaxing into the warm current and flowing with the tide fully realising that this is all they ever really wanted to do.

Stand by the shore line, welcome your sisters and brothers, give them a helping hand as they climb up the bank - for the bank they climb will not be as high as the one you needed to ascend - that is because you stepped forward and chipped away at the rocks and the bank to make it easier for your fellow traveller s to follow behind you. No one better than the other - just a choice each of you made along the way.

As you welcome them to this side, be prepared to assist them for they will have many questions for you. Their learning will be accelerated, here again you chose to step out and lead and they will look to your LIGHT to be the shining example they need at this time.

Their time spent with you will be short though, for through osmosis they too will know what you know, for all are of Infinite Knowing just Remembering. They will then in turn be needed to help the next refugees to the shore and so on and so on.

What glorious new energetics have been created on this New Earth, what an exciting time to BE on Planet Earth.

And now what will be new and possible tomorrow, next week and all your tomorrows from herein?

You have the Golden Key Dear Ones, what do you choose to unlock?

It is always our greatest pleasure to stand with you to see the Joy in your hearts as you use these keys to unlock the treasure that has always been - YOU.

I AM you companion in the Light,

Blessed Be Dear Ones,


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