Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday Meditation 2nd March, 2015

Beloved Beings of Light, I welcome you this day and those of you who will read these words in future moments. Know all is, and always will be, in perfect time.

This time upon your Planet, this month of March 2015 brings with it great significance in the evolution of All Beings.

It is a time to rejoice in the Magic and the Miracles that will be unheralded on your Planet. It is a time of great rejuvenation and regeneration not only for the sentient beings who inhabit this Earth but to all Beings of Light upon and within the Earth. It has been stated many times the Earth (Mother Gaia) and You are ONE. You will have greater understanding of this statement during these next unravellings, shifts and changes. You will feel this movement within your own being and you will also feel the rumblings of the Mother and the mirrored effect will not escape your notice.

A time of great jubilation and re-unification is now upon you and you are blessed to have your feet planted firmly within the Earth at this most magnificent transformative time which will be felt by all inhabitants upon and within this Planet.

The time to fear is no longer - fear is being replaced by amazement for what is about to unfold and as the unfolding takes place, so will your memories of this chosen time return to your awareness and the bigger picture you have strived to remember for so long will happen before your eyes and you will remember your souls journey has indeed led to this grand undertaking.

As your memories are once again invoked, you will feel the original joy and anticipation you brought in with you when you first incarnated into this lifetime. Those of the Golden Indigo generation have waited a long time to see results unfold on your Planet. They knew this time would come in their lifetime and they also knew they had a choice to stay and watch as not only the Planet reactivated but they also had the same opportunity and the possibilities would be available to all who choose to assist the Christed Light return in greater proportions daily to Planet Earth.

Light on your planet has indeed expanded exponentially and continues to grow each moment, as another, then another Soul awakens from their amnesia. As more of the Light Quotient fills the earth moment by moment and more awaken there is no more room for darkness to spread. The Light is shining so brightly now that it is only a matter of time when the darkness will completely loose all it’s power and it will also welcome the Light.

Such an inspirational time to witness this transition of this magnificent Planet Dear Ones. All the Beings of Light, the Ascended Masters and many other Great Beings are standing beside you bearing witness to these incredible transformations taking place.

It is a joy to behold - it was foreseen that these times would be challenging for you to undertake, that is why YOU were chosen. All in the Realms of Illuminated Truths knew only the strongest of the strong and the bravest of the brave needed to be sent forth. And here YOU stand on the threshold of this miraculous New Earth which will bask in the Christed Light once again.

The time is NOW Dear Ones - we are standing with you holding hands, waving the flags and cheering you on.

No turning back now - what is before you is what your dreams have been built upon - it is yours to claim.

Well done Dear Ones, well done.

I rejoice in you.


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