Monday, March 30, 2015

30th March 2015 Archangel Michael

MONDAY MEDITATION                                                                                    30th March, 2015                                     
ARCHANGEL MICHAEL                                                                            Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,


This is a great way to focus your Intentions.

As you Bless and give Gratitude for anyone and everything in your life, it allows for growth for all. You are offering a “gift” every time you send out these vibrations. There is a heart connection, a memory released, for with in all HU-manity there is a remembrance of such a Blessing. It invokes powerful energies within each other’s cells.

Start your day with thoughts of Gratitude for all that is in your life - throughout the day bless each one you meet. Even if your interaction is less than perfect - by offering a blessing - which can be done quietly, under your breathe, it has the same result. You can change a situation or an interaction just by your intention being focused on truly blessing and acknowledging everything and everyone is in perfect alignment in that moment.

You will begin to notice how your Blessings increase in your everyday connections.

Soon you will be looking to find extra blessings to offer because of how it makes you feel and how the reaction of others multiply. This is a time like no other, you notice that being out-pictured in your world.

So many more realizations upon you Dear Ones - your world has shifted, it has become more expansive and you are only just glimpsing the enormity of what is before you.

Your Heart is interacting more fully now, your awareness of the heart energy - versus
head energy is beginning to be an every day occurrence. You are trying the new tool of thinking with your Heart therefore bringing more of your Soul Essence into your Being. This is who you truly are. You are then grounding this into the Earth, this gives you greater stability and allows you to see and feel the larger picture being disclosed to you more each day.

We offer each of you our Gratitude for choosing the role you play in this Grand Production that is unfolding upon your Planet.

We offer each of you our Blessings as you then radiate that out exponentially to all you come into contact with.  What is before you becomes more available every day. Magic and Miracles being created by the most wonderful Creator Beings to ever walk the Planet.



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