Monday, May 2, 2016

2nd May, 2016

Monday Message                                                                        2nd May, 2016 Archangel Michael                                                           Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Welcome to the Magical Month of May. May is the energy of the MOTHER. Mother Mary is enveloping All within her bountiful energies. Gaia (Mother Earth) is blessing you with her gifts. It is time to celebrate the MOTHER, the Divine Feminine in ALL. Take time this month to embrace all that is magical and mystical in mothering.

May will also be very transitional on Planet Earth as the intensity of change and transformation increases. Remember Dear Ones, even those of you who are struggling or bemoaning the changes would not be here at this time unless you are in agreement with your Higher Self/Soul.

This is the time of the greatest transformation and cleansing for all humanity and Planet Earth. Only the strongest of the strong Souls agreed to this unfoldment.

YOU Dear Ones, are those very souls who stood up for the challenge, knowing that it would be the mightiest of times and here you stand.

What is before you is the Greatest of Times and you are the Ones who will meet each of these challenges, knowing each experience has been chosen by you for your Soul Growth and Evolution. 

Shine your LOVE and your LIGHT so bright that you will be recognized as the Bringers of the Light who have returned to the Earth to clear the darkness which has reigned for eons.

You are beginning to feel more of this empowerment and beginning to recognise the call of your Soul, more each new day. That to which you agreed is rolling out before your eyes so rapidly now. You are witnessing the TRUTH of the Ages, flowing out from many individuals as more are now listening as they finally awaken to the wonderment of this New Earth.

More TRUTHS will be unleashed during May and will unravel with such fluidity that those still slumbering will be awakened quite quickly. There is no longer time for the UNKNOWN.

It is time to fully embrace these TRUTHS  but most importantly it is time for each individual Soul to embrace your own TRUTH - to allow the Higher Aspects of your Souls knowledge in recognition of your commitment to these times, so that you may fully awaken also.

The Magic of May will truly flow forth in such rapid succession your fellow beings who up until now have been slumbering, will awaken - wide eyed and recognise their own Soul calling. 

You Dear Ones, reading and sharing these words are the Ones they will turn to for assistance as they wake from their time of amnesia.

The Veil is so thin now, Heaven and Earth are working together to make the reality of this time flow forth.

You are the Architects of the New Earth and you will step up once again, as you feel the gifts of the Mother’s Love surrounding you and embracing you in the Love of the Mothering Energy and all that entails.

Dear Ones, the month of May will be paramount in many ways and you are the Ones orchestrating these changes .

Take each other’s hands, hold each other’s hearts and allow the Divine Feminine to surround you in the most glorious of ways.

Call on Mother Mary, call on Gaia, be the embodiment of Mother Love yourself and allow that combined energy to flow out to ALL humanity.


May will certainly be a month of Great Change, and Great Transition - beneficial to ALL.

Hold LOVE IN YOUR HEART FOR THOSE WHO WILL AND MUST awaken. You are the Ones they will reach out to - be that Beacon of Light you came to be.

You are Loved beyond measure Dear Ones, as we begin yet another forward adventure let us hold hands and walk the Path of great LOVE, with the commitment you sent forth before you even stepped onto Planet Earth.

Time to remember YOU, Dear Ones and all you agreed to bring forth at this time of Transition - Heaven and Earth are ONE Dear Ones and so it is.



                                                                      Angel Therapy Practitioner
      Leslie-Anne Menzies

                                                          Author ABC of Angels (Children’s Book)
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    Spiritual Counsellor, Group Meditation
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