Monday, May 23, 2016

23rd May, 2016

Monday Message 23rd May, 2016    Archangel Michael

Dear Ones,

Do not fear or give energy to the emotions flowing to the surface of your awareness. Most are old worn out stories of who you once were. You are no longer that old tired version of Self. 

The new YOU emerges each new day. Allow what needs to be released to flow out and send it on its way with LOVE.

Breathe, Let go.

You are being renewed in each moment, but in order for that to transpire - all that no longer serves your highest integrity must be released from your cells and memory. For indeed Dear Ones cells contain your memories and as you are amping up your new DNA, replenishing and cleansing, the old will float to the surface - let it go Dear Ones, you are no longer that version - you are upgrading to the most unique version possible.

You have become so used to rehashing, reliving old dramas - this is an entirely new reality for you to KNOW that it is no longer who you are. What has been your experience/story/drama for many lifetimes, no longer applies to this evolutionary transition into the New Beings of Light.

For you are truly ALL becoming Beings of Light and therefore, can no longer hold onto any of the darkness that defined you in times past.

You are becoming Lighter in ALL aspects of your Being.

Let it ALL GO. Breathe

Dear Ones, do you not feel lighter even hearing those words?

Allow all that kept you imprisoned in the past to be released from your beautiful bodies and minds. 

LIGHTEN UP is absolutely your new motto.

You are transitioning into the most amazing Beings of Light and it requires you to take your time, go gently within and ask for our assistance as you gravitate towards the New YOU.

There has NEVER been a time like this. 

What you are undergoing has never been experienced before. There has NEVER been Beings such as YOU, who were purposefully chosen for this “Experiment” to return Light and Peace to a Pristine New Earth.

Can you understand how we, in the Realms of Illuminated Truth love to witness you, the Greatest of Beings to walk on the Planet bring into fruition what was once only a possible dream for all. 

We walk closely beside you, blending our energies with you, to be of the greatest assistance we can. However, Dear Ones to accomplish this mission it was required you be “embodied.” It was also required that you have the veil of amnesia place upon you and that you believed you were ALL separate from each other. It was a huge ask Dear Ones, but you the magnificent Beings that you are - always knew you could accomplish the task at hand. Well done beautiful Beings, well done.

Look to your brother’s and sister’s - even those you “judge,” see them with new eyes, listen with new ears - REMEMBER you ALL agreed to “play this game” - the rules have changed Dear Ones - YOU CHANGED THEM - You are ALL ONE - you are remembering that and it is a delight to observe.

You are the ONES turning dark into Light.

You are the greatest of Alchemists Dear Ones. 

We stand in awe with what is transpiring within you and within your Planet.

Many have gathered to watch and more importantly assist in this Grand Transition. Many Star Nations have stepped forward and are already working diligently amongst you to bring forth this most magical of times.

Your Ancestral races stand ready to greet you as more unfolds in these next months.

Expect Miracles Dear Ones for that is what your future holds.

You have all worked tirelessly to bring the New Earth of Peace into reality and each day you move closer that that outcome.

Release, Breath, Let Go.  Allow more LIGHT and LOVE  into each day.

Did we say Miracles Dear Ones - that is what you are indeed.



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