Monday, May 9, 2016

9th May, 2016

Monday Message                                                               May 9th, 2016          Archangel Michael                                                Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Master’s that you are.

Begin each new day with “How may I serve?” The answers will flood into your awareness via your Higher Soul/Self who stands ready to meet any and all requests.

Your Mastery is becoming more evident and your willingness to be of “service” to those sharing your energetic space is applauded.

It is time Dear Ones for that “leap of faith” knowing what your heart has known all along. You are here to be of service. Self-Service first. Take care of that which brings you into balance in your life. Use the many tools you have been provided to effect the change within. As you become more proficient at calming the ego, settling the emotional/mental bodies, balancing your energetic fields, opening your beautiful hearts to reflect your true essence. Now you are in the most perfect of places to be of assistance to those who are just beginning to walk the Path.

Your calmness in the eye of the many storms that are occurring within you and upon your Earth. You will be sought after by those whose lives are just beginning to reflect that same turmoil you once knew . They have watched as you have transitioned such occurrences in your life with an ease and grace they wish to access.

They will seek you out by your aura of calmness and serenity and only you know what it took for you to transition from your original chaos, drama, uncertainty, depression etc. etc.

EVERYONE on your Planet needs to transition from the Old ways to the magnificent New that awaits each of you. Only you, who have walked the path know the pitfalls that can be avoided, which will in fact make their journey a whole lot smoother and shorter.

You were the 1st Wavers, the Wayshowers, Dear Ones, YOU chose to take those first steps knowing in your heart this was your “Act of Service” to your fellow beings. You knew you would transform the energies that allow for a faster transition for all who followed in your foot-steps.

So many Be-ings have stepped up - each adding their piece to allow for the Resurrection of Planet Earth. We in the Outer Realms have walked every step of the way, holding your hearts and your hands even when you believed you “walked alone.” We promised you Dear Ones at the beginning of this incarnation - a time like no other - we would be your Guides and we have always fulfilled our roles.

As we stand beside you at this pivotal time we are in awe of all that has been accomplished as you work tirelessly, not even knowing what you have accomplished so many times. We KNOW and we SEE what is unravelling and it is AWESOME Dear Ones. You, as the Master Beings that you are, have exceeded what was ever believed possible.

You chose this Path, you knew you would achieve your “piece of the puzzle” allowing you to stand at the threshold of a New Earth.
Heaven and Earth are ONE - that was the Plan and you the Architects responsible for bringing that plan to fruition are being blessed with every opportunity and all the assistance promised to bring the fulfillment.

What we witness is beyond the wildest imaginings and through the Company of Heaven, All the Star families, your Angels, Ascended Masters and Guides we are truly delighted with what you have accomplished.

“How may we serve you Dear Ones?”

Ask and it is given.

This is a co-creative opportunity which can only be achieved by being embodied on Planet Earth.

Dear Ones, we ask you to continue each day asking “How may I serve?” Because of your willingness to do so, you will SEE AND KNOW what we have always known.

You are the Greatest of Angels to ever walk on Planet Earth and SO IT IS.

Blessings and Gratitude Dear Ones,



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