Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday 16th May, 2016

Monday Message            Archangel Michael        16th May, 2016

Dear Ones,

Are you noticing this Magical Month of May unravelling faster than ever? You are experiencing so much more in regard to your true-selves. What do you want?  What no longer serves your highest calling?

So much is unravelling in the “old world”. So many endings happening within and around you. The focus of course is on YOU and what you desire for your future well-being. You as an individual spark of the Creator and You as the Collective are looking towards what sustains your Be-ing. The grander picture starts with that small seed.

How do you wish this New Earth to look for the New Humanity which is birthing it each new day?

Those of you in the Southern Hemisphere of this wondrous Planet are heading into your seasonal time of Winter - a time of deep reflection. A time for those seeds to be planted deep within the Earth. And then comes a time of germination in the soil, all in preparation for the birthing of the newness of Spring. There was a time when the Seasons were “defined” and you knew when to expect the natural flow. As with all the new upon your Earth - All is in flux. The Seasons are no longer defined and the timing is no longer as it was.

We remind you to be prepared to be amazed and inspired by the New Seasons of your life. Planet Earth is rapidly changing, nothing is - as it was. You feel this each day as the things you once knew to be true are being brought to your attention in a new light. New information is forthcoming and most of it defies what you have believed to be your TRUTH. There is much confusion now and you are learning to go to your hearts and find your personal TRUTH. What resonates within your Divinity Dear Ones? Trust your beautiful hearts Dear Ones, find the TRUTH WITHIN. 

The time of individual responsibility is here. Time for you to be the Ones who bring forth your own TRUTHS. The collective is being awakened and you are the ones called to stand tall with the passion of your true Be-ing.

So much of what you knew and have been taught is unravelling before your eyes. For those who have been on the Planet the longest this is one of the hardest times to transition because up until this time you have believed so much of what you were “told to believe.” However, now as a Being of Light you are no longer able to be moulded into blindly following the crowd. Step into the Light more fully Dear Ones.

It is time for each of you to take that Individual Self that is emerging and align it with the Collective Light that is flowing into each of you and allow the magic you are all becoming.

No longer are you able to accept the status quo - look to the New Children entering your Earth, watch how they are leading the way. Their energy signature is so incredible and they are not “hard-wired” like most of you have been. They flow with what is transpiring and their Antenna will not allow anything that is not for their highest alignment.

You came before to set the stage and allow for these precious souls to arrive at a time of this great transformation. Look around you Dear Ones at these future leaders, allow them their Voice, for that is what will change the Earth for the benefit of all humanity.

Notice the young ones, nurture and inspire them. Allow them to show the way as they have come to bring these new energies for the benefit of ALL mankind.

Every time you nurture yourself and each other you are taking a giant leap in your evolution. Leave the old ways behind Dear Ones, prepare for the germination of the new seeds in preparation for the Spring time which approaches rapidly. A time like no other.

New beginnings, new life, is awaiting the harvest time. You are the New Life Dear Ones, awaiting for the unfoldment of all that is about to transpire on your earth.

Bless yourselves and each other as you enter the birthing process.

As Mother Earth prepares her own birthing time, much will change in and upon her. As with any birthing process there are labour pains. Allow the changes that come forth to be witness to what is required.

Ask any mother who has watched her own transformation from seed to expansion as new life grows within. She knows what it takes to birth new life, and this is what is happening for all now in unique ways.

As the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine each play their part in what is unfolding the new earth will bring forth great gifts. Each of you has a role to play. Be that Individualized Expression of your own TRUTH and watch what unfolds gloriously for your Earth and each other.

Life on Planet Earth is in a most exciting transition Dear Ones and you are bringing it into form.

We are delighted with all that is unfolding as we watch as expectant parents involved in a miraculous birthing process.

Be the LOVE you came to BE - it is that simple Dear Ones.

And so it is.


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