Monday, June 6, 2016

6th June, 2016

Monday 6th June, 2016                Archangel Michael Message            Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Here you stand the Courageous Divine Souls you have always been - ready for a new and exciting adventure. Can you feel the changes?

Are you noticing more harmony, more synchronicity in your lives?

You, the Creator Beings that you are - are the ones bringing this energy in. In your dreams, meditations and quiet imagining times, you anchor more Light on your magnificent Planet.

You are the conduits that are grounding and anchoring that Light which is equal to Love. Many of you are feeling the difference in your daily lives - there is a definite excitement in the air.

You and the Earth are One, You are witnessing Mother Earth experience her cleansing and clearing, just as each of you are experiencing your own, cleansing and clearing.

What you are all witnessing and participating in, is the very experience you chose. You KNEW before stepping into this lifetime, it would be like no other. You KNEW it would take time to unfold and part of that unfoldment was YOU. You becoming who you now are. The changes you have experienced were needed in order for you to awaken, to raise your consciousness - in order for you to change, there had to be breakdowns, whether it be relationship, career, financial, health or a combination of all. You always knew this time would require sacrifice and you Dear Ones, have put in the hard yards and rolled up your sleeves, to make sure what you dreamed, would become your reality.

We are so inspired by what you have collectively achieved and although we have been with you every moment - it had to be achieved in embodiment.

When you first incarnated you were full of such wonderment and desirous to see the New Earth raised to her original Pristine beauty once more. You dreamed of the day when ALL inhabitants would live in Peace, sharing the Planet with a sense of co-operation, co-creation, complete abundance - the Utopia you saw in your dreams.

We tell you Dear Ones you are closer than ever thought possible and you are such creative beings that you are moving timelines to achieve what was once only a dream.

When you look around your Planet now - yes the chaos is still present BUT it is changing rapidly because of what you as a collective have instigated.

Today when you look around, look past the chaos - look to those magnificent souls who are working tirelessly to bring solutions. They are striving to make changes, and make them rapidly.

Their hearts GLOW with the desire of Peace on Earth, Abundance for ALL Be-ings and a Pristine Planet for ALL to share and in-joy in Harmony.

Just a Dream Dear Ones? 

It once was - and now that dream moves closer each day because of your Conscious, Creative abilities but more importantly because your HEARTS are the ones filled with the LOVE AND THE LIGHT of Creation and you are fueling that LOVE AND LIGHT everyday. 

Because of your actions the balance has been tipped.

We are now at that pivotal point of no return - the darkness has been defeated, duality and separation will be like old relics soon to be covered in dust and forgotten for all eternity.

All you will speak of, will be the brilliant New Earth.

There are not enough words to describe our JOY Dear Ones for although we have held your hands and your hearts each step of the way - you are the Divine Courageous Souls who Mastered all that was before you and in the most creative and miraculous of ways.

Honoured to be your companions of Light Dear Ones.

Love and Blessings abound.


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