Monday, June 13, 2016

June 13th 2016

Monday 13th June, 2016          Message Archangel Michael      Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones, 

Are you feeling more calm in your awareness? Yes there is still chaos within and around you but you have learned to ride the waves with greater proficiency and you now arrive on the other side faster than ever before.

Well done Dear Ones. You are becoming the Masters of your environment. It has taken a dedication for each of you to reach this pivotal point and as you know,  we have ridden each wave with you and will continue to do so, for eternity.

How you proceed from here, is as always, up to you?

Being the Creators that you are, you have the ability to bring into your field that which you desire. This happens so much faster now and with so much more ease and grace.

It is always a delight from our perspective as we watch you hone your new skills, as if it is the first time you have achieved in this way.

As always Dear Ones, you are remembering the glory days, when you walked as the true Beings of Light you have indeed always been but chose to “forget” for eons of time, whilst you played the game of being Hu-man. You hid (and may we say very well indeed) the true Spirit that you are, so very well.

Now because of the length of time you have played this game you barely have any memory left in this dense body, of your true origins.

That Dear Ones is changing. You are now remembering, it may only be small pieces at first but as you move through these enormous energies bombarding your Planet daily, more will be revealed to you.

What a delight it is for us to witness. YOU remembering YOU. When your memories fully return, so then will you remember US. The ones who have always been beside you, just out of your human vision - that is also about to change Dear Ones.

In time we will walk together - brothers and sisters once more, rejoicing and celebrating ALL that has transpired.

The Dark entities have lost their supremacy over you Hallelujah, Hallelujah!

Dear Ones it has been an ongoing saga and you the most magnificent Beings of Light achieved what was once only a dream.

It is truly a time to celebrate the Light in each other - set aside all differences - that was the dark energies. Separation no longer. Oneness for All Dear Ones. Let us ALL move forward to the most astounding Light that can be called forth for yourselves and your New Earth -HOME.

Watch miraculous unfolding now begin Dear Ones.

Much Celebration and Jubilation for all.

Your dedication is rewarded with the Light you have become. So much more Love and Light enters your awareness each day.

So many exciting new Truths and Realities are to be revealed to you.  Watch the speed with which all now unfolds.

There is still much to be accomplished Dear Ones and that is now in the hearts and hands of the most benevolent of Beings to walk this Earth, YOU.

Let us celebrate as we move into these massive new Light energies, as we continue to return this earth to the Pristine Earth where only Angels as yourselves will play in the future. Remember also Dear Ones the Animal Kingdom who have unconditionally loved and supported you and who in the future will all live in peace and harmony together as ONE.

Picture ALL the Elementals interacting with all who inhabit this new SAFE and Glorious Planet.

And so it is.


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