Monday, June 6, 2016

30th May, 2016

Monday 30th May, 2016 ARCHANGEL MICHAEL
Dear Ones,
You are moving through the new energies more rapidly now with abundant new skills. The next three months (June, July, August) will move so fast it will feel like 3 weeks . Much will transpire in this time. Those of you reading and sharing these messages are more than ready for ALL that is to be revealed to you.
It was foretold that 2016 would be a “year to remember!” That of course is what you are doing Dear Ones, Remembering, ALL you came to do. ALL you came to Be and ALL of the assistance you were to offer your family and friends, yet to awaken from the Dream.
Awaken they will Dear Ones, especially in this prophesied time. You are ALL able to assist and answer their questions - and there will be numerous questions Dear Ones. Where you have had the luxury of being part of all that is unfolding, they have chosen to keep their eyes and ears tightly shut until this moment.
There is no longer time for a lack of awareness. Everything is changing rapidly and it is time for ALL to remember. I remind you Dear Ones, you are ALL remembering what you have always known but chose in this lifetime to keep hidden - even from yourselves - during this most extraordinary time of Evolution. Nothing is in fact NEW Dear Ones, everything is just being REMEMBERED.
We remind you, you chose this timeline to be all you came to be. Are you not feeling the excitement as the world unravels before you?
Even the atrocities that you label as evil/bad are part of all the scenarios you placed before you entered into this lifetime of EXPERIENCE.
ALL is playing out exactly as you orchestrated. Therefore Dear Ones, it is now time for you to “Clear the Stage.” Sweep it clean, in readiness for an amazing “new act” to be invoked.
That’s how powerful you are Dear Masters, for you are the ones bringing this next part of the unfolding Divine Plan into action.
Prepare yourselves for your new script - for it is time.
I remind you of our connectedness to each of you and at this most magnificent of time. ALL have stepped even closer to hold your hearts and hands as you enter a new dominion which you have cleverly Dreamed into reality.
Your dreams, tears, tantrums, prayers, requests, demands have ALL been heard Dear Ones and as always it is about timing.
These are the greatest of times to unfold before your eyes. Miracles are abounding. For many what is unfolding will be too much to carry in their energy fields and they will chose to leave this Earth to return at another time with their upgrades fully in place.
YOU, however have chosen to stay and bring in these changes with the Ease and Grace you have begun to Master.
Let go of ALL the old ways of BE-ing. Allow for the new transition to flow into your awareness. Remember your part in what is unfolding. Hold each others hearts and hands tenderly. Allow all that has divided you in the past to slip into oblivion. Now is time to Remember your connection. You ARE TRULY ALL ONE and these next few short months will highlight that more than ever.
The TRUTHS will surely set you ALL Free.
Are you ready Dear Ones? All of those in the Higher Realms, the Beings of Light, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Star Brothers and Sisters await your call of acknowledgement that we are indeed ALL in this together. What has been hidden will be seen by your own eyes - no longer any denial.
What will be accomplished by this gathering of Divine Cosmic Souls will be Earth shattering and the JOY AND ABUNDANCE will be returned to ALL who dwell on this New Earth being created within each new moment.
And here we go Dear Ones. It starts with each of you reaching out to each of us, holding hands, REMEMBERING this is the time we came to work together to return this New Earth to the Pristine state of Bliss.
And so it is.

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