Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday Message             27th June, 2016
Archangel Michael             Leslie-Anne Menzies

Reminder - this Sunday 3rd July, 2016 Archangel Michael Event - preparing for ALL THAT IS UNFOLDING on Planet Earth - staying in our Power and being the LIGHTWORKERS we came to be. 10.30 am to 4.30 pm Port Noarlunga South (0408 083 185 bookings)

Dear Ones,


All you have worked for is unfolding. Do not fear the “dismantling” currently occurring on your Planet.

This is what you have craved for eons. Every shred of the old structure is breaking down, as agreed.

The old 3D Matrix is crumbling right before your eyes and it is all because of YOU. Keep observing and have no fear - this is the agreement unfolding rapidly.

ALL the old structures of Money, Politics, Religion etc etc that have kept your old world in place, is no longer appropriate for your New Earth.

Do not fear “who to vote for” those who currently lead your countries at this juncture are not your future leaders - their time is UP. The old guard will no longer be in charge of anything.

In time you will create Divine Government.

Do not fear your money changing and disappearing, once again this is the old and will be of no value to anyone on your New Earth.

In time you will create Divine Abundance for ALL.

Dear Ones - all that is breaking down is by agreement. Eons ago, you the Lightworkers and Wayshowers stepped forward to be at this perfect juncture in time to dismantle the old and assemble the new.

Now is the time to step forward and let your fellow Beings know - all that is taking place has a higher resonance and is part of the EVOLUTION OF HUMANITY.

You are the architects of these changes - every prayer you have offered. Every thought has created this time and it is a grand time of celebration.

FREEDOM is yours to claim. You are no longer slaves to the Old Guard. You have worked tirelessly to secure your freedom and there is no turning back now.

Stay in your Light, stay in your Love, as more and more falls away each day and celebrate each milestone knowing you will NEVER again return to that old consciousness, that old structure, for you have and are bringing forth a completely NEW EARTH of Peace, Hope, Love and Freedom for all who inhabit this new way of Being.

Celebrate Dear Ones, smile in the knowledge that all the old will continue to crumble before you. Know this is what you are creating with your thoughts and your actions.

Know also Dear Ones You have NEVER been alone or abandoned as we have walked each step of the way by your side.

Know also Dear Ones as more of the old crumbles, as it surely will, it is making way for the most magnificent New Earth you can imagine.

So Dear Ones we remind you - NO MORE FEAR.

You are the Masters of your destiny - celebrate that you are so much closer to the amazing new way of Being you dreamed of creating for each other and your Earth.

Everything is speeding up now Dear Ones, so much more of the old will fall. Stand tall, give encouragement to those yet to understand the ramifications of what this means.

Let all that no longer serves YOU and your Highest Being - let it all go. Send it off with LOVE thanking it for having served you in the old game.

This is a magical New Game Dear Ones, and you are the Game Masters. Create anew. Your New Earth lies before you with everything designed to work for your highest good this time.

Magical times are ahead for each of you. Stand ready to hold your Light higher and higher as those searching for that Light will be drawn magnetically to you. The momentum will shift and before you know it - in the blink of an eye, you will all be living and loving on your New Earth.


And so it is.


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