Monday, July 18, 2016

18th July, 2016

Monday Message 18th July, 2016      Archangel Michael        Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Hold tightly to your belief in the magnificent future that IS. So much turbulence and grief is out pouring in your global community. All brought on by the massive fear and terror that is leaving your Planet. Pain is shouting out as it leaves forever.

We remind you of how these end times are to play out. All that is not of LOVE and the Highest Intention will fall. The last of the old rigid structure of the 3rd Dimension has to crumble and breakdown. All that was holding it in place no longer exists. Imagine if you will, an old building that has lost all the mortar between the bricks - without this cohesion it must fall. You Dear Ones, have been that cohesion. Now you have removed your connectedness - that which was holding the old world in place - so all will crumble and fall.

All in Divine and Perfect timing.

Once, you as a collective agreed to create a New Earth where Peace, Love, Abundance and Freedom for all is to exist, there was nothing left to support the old worn out structure.

Congratulations Dear Ones, all you wish to create for your New Earth is unravelling in the most wondrous of ways.

Allow what must fall to fall. Hold strong to your commitment to the New Earth you are birthing into Creation.

Show Love and support to those who only see chaos and fear at this time - Be the Love and Light All are searching for.

Because of YOU, this New Earth is rapidly unfolding. Because of YOU, Peace will be your reality.

Hold the Vision Dear Ones.

Hold each other.

Take time out to focus your attention and visualize the New Earth Creation and how you want to live and love with your fellow beings.

Be gentle with yourselves - take a walk in nature - remove yourselves from what is being experienced in the old collective.

Time to focus your Attention and Intention on YOU. Calm your own fears, feel yourself relaxing into your own breath, your own heart space. Remember the hand-on-heart breathing we talk of - this connects YOU to YOU. This reminds you of your commitment to all that you are here to accomplish.

Remember Dear Ones, it starts with YOU and then ripples out to ALL who come into your energy field.

There is so much you can do to affect your surrounding - just by Be-ing YOU and using these simple but effective ways of Be-ing.
Observe your ability to change the atmosphere and then by osmosis watch those around you change.

Step by Divine Step Dear Ones, that ALL it takes.

As always our Love and Divine Guidance surround each and everyone of you, the Amazing Be-ings of Light and Love who came to change worlds.

Blessed be Dear Ones,


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