Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday Message 25th July, 2016     Archangel Michael

Dear Ones,

These are indeed rough roads of change you are riding BUT you are becoming ever so Masterful at navigating it all.

2016 was promised as a year for great change and it has not disappointed - it is numerically a 9 year - a year of Completion and for many of you - that is your TRUTH.

All that no longer serves your Higher purpose is being stripped from your awareness and though as it happens it can feel brutal or at least un-nerving, you are coming to that place of Mastery within, where you recognise it was time to let go, release, surrender.

With all that you have surrendered, including the pain associated with it - you are now perfectly poised to welcome all the new beginnings soon to present themselves to you. We tell you Dear Ones, it will appear as a smorgasbord with a plethora of choice.

Your discernment and your newly awakened senses will allow the perfect person, place or object of your desire to effortlessly appear in your life as if by “MAGIC.’ 

Then you will KNOW all that has brought you to this moment in time was perfectly aligned for your Highest Outcome.

Then you will surrender and fall to your  knees and give thanks - thanks to Creation and thanks to yourselves for having the faith and trust that has allowed you to walk your path - fully blind-folded but with an inner wisdom that has eternally guided you to this moment.

Gratitude and thanks are such a blessed way to live each day Dear Ones. Even in your darkest times if you can see beyond that darkness - drawing in the Light of Creation believing that this darkness shall pass, you allow for a higher/faster vibration of Light/Love particles to enter into your bodies through your Divine Crown Chakra - allowing that Light to filter through every cell of your magnificent body vehicles, cleansing, clearing all darkness as it leaves. Send the old energies into the Earth for transformation back into Light and watch how that transformation takes place within you.

Dear Ones, we remind you - do not focus any of your attention on what “appears” to be happening “out-there”. Focus all of your loving energy on improving YOU and your own life and circumstances. Set your energy to the highest possible vibration of Love/Light and as each of you become Lighter, more loving, that will by osmosis affect all other Beings on the Planet.

Dear Ones, we tell you this. There is more LIGHT than ever before radiating within your bodies and within your Earth - never before in your history has there been this much Light available to you and your Planet.

Focus that Light Dear Ones, for you are the change that is happening on your Planet. Let  all the stories of LOVE, ONENESS, CO-OPERATION that are showing up in humanity become the “News of the Day.” Humanity as its best-self. Let there be more focus on these stories allowing the darkness to fade into oblivion. 

When Light fully shines on darkness - darkness disappears never to return.

Dear Ones, the Golden Age awaits you ALL. Recognise your connectedness, forget your differences - they were only needed to show you a way back to the Light.

Dear Ones, stand together - feel the Love that resides within your Being - send that Love out to those around you - especially those in pain and then watch how YOU truly make a difference in one persons life. Times that by 10, 100, to infinity then you will truly witness the speed of change you crave.

It is truly up to each one of YOU.

Dear Ones, Be who you came to Be. Do what you came to Do. Just BE you and BE Love, it really is that simple.

Loving you always Dear Ones,


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