Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday Message 19th September, 2016       Archangel Michael    Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

You are such powerful Co-Creators. During these times of massive energy “shifts” you are shifting and changing every aspect of your reality. You are creating new names to describe your time in Creation. You have been know as HU-man BE-ings for eternity on this Planet. However, we are now witnessing your transformation into LOVE BE-ings,
and LIGHT BE-ings, as you change your vibrations and soul signatures as you LIGHT-EN your bodies.

Continue to work with St. Germain, using the transfiguring Divine Love, call on your I AM PRESENCE to assist your transformation.

It is glorious to witness this transfiguration. Your continued re-invention of all that you have known is changing everything. Have you noticed how many “cures” for illnesses, long held to have “no cure” are suddenly popping up in the collective awareness.

Answers to “problems” always deemed unsolvable are now being rolled out faster than you can believe. You are Creator Beings, Dear Ones, know you are the Power and Authority in your life and you have the ability to change any situation that no longer serves you - you always did but now you are believing and seeing that you can.

The young ones are leading the way in so many of these solutions. They have come to the Planet for this very reason. They do not have the density of embodiment that you have had to clear out. Their Light shone brightly from day one and you as parents, grand-parents, teachers and caregivers have always known of their potential.

Let them be the WAY-SHOWERS - they will embrace the future with outstanding awareness and the ability to find solutions where none were apparent. They need your LOVE AND COMMITMENT to support their efforts. They will shine in ways not yet recognised. You will learn from these Be-ings especially how they radiate LOVE as their guide. They find solutions that are heart-based and they have no other agenda. They KNOW why they came and will lead at every opportunity.

You as the mature beings in their lives are required to lead by example. As you are clearing out old patterns of behavior from this and many lifetimes, anger in all forms is rampant on your planet. It is leaving your body and it is leaving the planet - do not hold onto old resentments, old wounds, allow them to come up, out of the body and be sent forth with love.

You as the LOVE BE-ings, LIGHT BE-ings, are being called to be the example of how you dissipate that anger when it surfaces.

Those reading these words have learned the tools to deal with this anger in positive and creative ways and have felt the benefits of not letting it flow out to others. You have reasoned that does not work. You have learned that directing your anger - which in reality is a part of YOU unloved, unrecognised, unhealed, at another does not solve the problem. Allow the anger to surface, acknowledge it, ask it what it wants you to KNOW?  LET IT GO - LET GOD. This is emotional intelligence Dear Ones, this is Mastery. This takes time and effort Dear Ones but the rewards are so beneficial not only to YOU but to all in your awareness. Your time to be the TEACHER Dear One. 

Remember how you feel and how you act in integrity will be the example - this is a Creator Being in Mastery Dear One.

Changing your thoughts and feelings for the greatest outcome - truly Divine. No more throwing anger out there - you now stand in your true Mastery Dear Ones and you are teaching all who come into your field of awareness how a Master acts.

Creator Be-ings that you are, we salute you. We watch diligently over you and see the kind of world you wish to create in the future for ALL.

You have ridden the September wave of energies like the true Masters you are - holding each other tight when the road gets bumpy. I have mentioned in previous messages and I wish to reiterate - sending LOVE/LIGHT to places or BE-ings who require such assistance is the greatest gift you can bestow. Focus your attention and intention on the place/person you wish to send - picture them held within a ball of LOVE, a ball of LIGHT. It WILL BE RECEIVED AND IT WILL BE FELT.

Dear Ones, continue to acknowledge your power and mastery in your every day activities and watch as each new day unfolds with greater LOVE/LIGHT reflecting on your Planet.

We send YOU LOVE/LIGHT Dear Ones, feel that seep into every cell of your bodies and radiate it out to others. Breath deeply into this.This is how you are changing your world one heart at a time Dear Ones.

Time is moving faster than ever Dear Ones, you feel it and you know it. Great times ahead. Continue to create that which you wish to see out-pictured in your Reality - that’s how powerful you are Dear Ones.

LOVE AND LIGHT - Creator BE-ings

LOVE AND LIGHT - Great Masters

This and so much more awaits each of you


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