Monday, September 5, 2016

Monday Message                                                             5th September, 2016     Archangel Michael                                                           Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

I did forewarn you, September energies would be intense. Countless Souls experienced the first few days of September as expansive and integrative. During the Solar Eclipse much was transmuted. It was felt a few days before and has continued after. Many experienced the vibrational symptoms of Intense Vertigo, heart palpitations, nausea, headaches, migraines, as you tapped into and transmuted these energies for self and all humanity.

Greater upgrading of your DNA bodies, Light bodies was experienced. These upgrades will continue throughout September. As mentioned this is a critical month of change. So many endings occurring during this month. Tying up the lose ends. At the completion of this month nothing will be the same, all perfectly wonderful Dear Ones.

When you look at what is transpiring in your “outer world” you are still witnessing chaos and disruption. However, Dear Ones, I now ask you to look further, deeper and more intently at what this chaos is creating.

Take special note of how much LOVE is flowing from awakened hearts all over the Earth. There is more LOVE and commitment to change, than has ever been experienced on your Planet.

Look at the beautiful, heart-opening stories and acts of LOVE permeating your social media. As a humanity whose hearts are being barred, it is impossible not to be touched by so many acts of kindness, selflessness and pure LOVE being played out in front of your eyes.  Many of these acts are being created by the young children who have come to Planet Earth for this very reason - TO BE THE CHANGE. They are leading by example, the LOVE that radiates from them, can go unnoticed no longer. Their LIGHT shines so bright it is a JOY TO BEHOLD.

In your daily lives you now go out of your way to assist others in substantial ways. You feel the JOY it brings to you - it is in giving that you receive. A win-win for all humanity. Your hearts are open so wide now all you can witness is ‘YOU ARE ALL ONE.’ You know this intrinsically deep in your hearts and your hands become the means to which you reach out and connect another heart to another and so on.

THIS IS HOW CHANGE IS MANIFESTING ON YOUR EARTH. One heart at a time. It can no longer be denied. Feel how this statement feels Dear Ones - breathe into the LOVE that you are - know that your fellow beings are awakening each new day and also beginning to recognize this feeling.

Soon the LOVE THAT YOU ARE will envelope all of Planet Earth and no one will be beyond its reach. IMAGINE that time Dear Ones when LOVE consumes ALL.

No more wars - only PEACE ON EARTH. No more poverty - there is adequate for ALL and as your hearts open completely everyone will KNOW - what affects one - affects all.

Imagine and focus your attention and intention on that time Dear Ones. Breathe in the essence of the LOVE THAT YOU ARE .


What magical times you will live on this magnificent New Earth.

End times Dear Ones are upon you.

New Beginning will be the order of each new day.

Place your hand upon your heart - feel YOU, know you are the Greatest of Beings to ever walk Planet Earth and we are so proud to walk beside you every step of the way.

As you KNOW YOURSELF, know also your fellow Be-ings.

Peace on Earth is NOW Dear Ones.

You are FREE, you are just beginning the most extraordinary journey of your new life on your New Earth.

Peace be to ALL.

Abundance in all forms is yours.

And so it is.



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