Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday Message 12th September, 2016   Archangel Michael   Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

The instability of the September energies continues. As ALL humanity begins to ride these waves, at whatever depth they have acquired, ALL will feel the ground shake beneath their feet.

Hold on Dear Ones, as the waves will increase in intensity throughout this month of MASSIVE transformation.

You have prepared for these times, you speak in Soul Groups and support each other as you move in and out of these currents.

Now Dear Ones, there has never been a greater need to hold hands tightly. As each of you open your heart more fully, you allow increased Divine Love to be drawn into your Body Vehicles and then you extend that out to those in your sphere of influence. Through your social media you have an opportunity to ignite the fire of LOVE all over your Planet and spread that LOVE to all who are seeking it out.

What a glorious vision Planet Earth is, as every day more LIGHT ignites in individuals and collectively. Such a beautiful sight to witness Dear Ones.

LOVE is triumphant.  You are the bringers of that LIGHT AND THAT LOVE and therefore you are the ones bringing Peace to your Planet one heart at a time. Oh Dear Ones, it is a true joy to witness all that is unfolding. If you could only see from our vantage point. Your soul signatures and vibrations are echoing upon the Planet and then vibrating beyond.

You are changing EVERYTHING Dear Ones - just as you promised you would when you petitioned to be the chosen ones to step up at this time. Many Souls stood aside because they KNEW you were the ones best equipped for these times - and here YOU are.

Dear Ones, it has been eons of time and so much has transpired to bring this time forward - NOW is the time you came for.

Your Soul calling has been answered and the next steps will be taken with great precision and even greater knowing, that what has been accomplished is only the beginning.

The way forward now Dear Ones is through PEACE in your hearts, which will transmute into PEACE on your land.

The Divine Light now bathing your Earth can no longer be denied, it is moving so fast across the lands, wrapping all in its path in its magnification.

Heart to Heart Dear Ones, allow more of this precious Light to permeate your Soul everyday. Call it forth, bathe in it, feel it encompassing every cell and atom of your Divine Being. In your dreams and meditations allow the messages we send remind you of what it is you have accomplished and more importantly what you are about to birth on Planet Earth.

Who you were will be but a distant memory - just a game you played to bring you to this point in your Evolution.

The New Earth is birthing before you Dear Ones. It is because of YOU. The new YOU is also birthing - you will be but a distant memory and who you become will stand tall and proud of all that has been achieved.

PEACE is yours Dear Ones.

You are now the authority in your life - the Power of You has been returned.

Your birthright of Abundance in ALL areas of your life has been returned - NOW IS THE TIME TO CLAIM IT.

BE WHO you came to BE Dear Ones. Fold up the old blueprint - time to draw up a new one for the new YOU.

Call on our assistance as well ALL walk this new path together.

And so it is.


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