Monday, April 3, 2017

27th March, 2017 Archangel Michael

Monday Message Archangel Michael
27th March, 2017 Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

With the recent Equinox you crossed a bridge - nothing feels the same - life may “appear” to be going on as usual - that is not the case.

A great shift occurred and still more is unfolding behind the scenes. Expect to see all the darkness now swept rapidly to the surface in such a way, for many, it will be devastating.

Those souls still firmly entrenched in the Illusionary world will be the hardest hit because there will be no where to turn when their perfect illusions are shattered as all the darkness comes flooding to the surface of Gaia for transformation and transmutation.

For many of you these past few days and weeks have left you exhausted, frustrated and completely unable to move forward with any plans, that is because you are now on a totally new trajectory and all will unfold in perfect timing as always. Relax Dear Ones, breathe, stay in the NOW the only place to BE.

All is returning to LOVE.

The old ways are up - no where left to run and hide. ALL will be revealed and it will be massive. Dear Ones that is why YOU, the Star-seeds, Light-workers, Way-showers or whatever label you have placed upon yourselves, are now required to step forward in greater numbers, with greater commitment. You have spent lifetimes preparing for such times as these.

This lifetime you stepped out front, so that when the masses did finally “wake-up” you would be the Light they emanate to.

It is now time to be that LIGHT, show your Love and compassion for those just putting their feet on the path and those who will be shell-shocked when they finally understand what TRUTHS are about to be revealed.

These next few months of 2017, this year of New Beginnings will reveal so much information it will indeed send many souls “crazy.” For some it will be just too much to comprehend and they will chose not to stay and play in a world they no longer relate to. All is in perfect and divine order and many will chose to return when Planet Earth has made her full transition into the New Earth.
For those who choose to awaken and come to a new understanding of what the New Earth will be, they will experience Joy as they realise the promise of the future is now unfolding and they are participating in this unfoldment. All by agreement.

YOU will bring Peace to the Earth - YOU are the Peacemakers, YOU will bring Joy and Love and community back to the Earth. This New Earth will supply abundance to ALL and ALL living in Divine Oneness.

Dear Ones, you are seeing the darkness erupt all over the Planet and you are sending Love/Light/Compassion to those areas and then witnessing the transformation that is taking place.

You are truly the Ones who will be the “LIGHT” ON PLANET EARTH.

Once again I remind you Dear Ones, you are not alone - never have been - and at this juncture more and more Brothers and Sisters of Light, from the Star Nations, and Divine Beings are joining forces to assist as you complete this transformation of your New Divine Earth.

Much is being whispered to you, information and Light Codes are pouring into you and into the Earth herself, to assist.

Take time to receive the transmissions we send to you. Go into your quiet places and listen as we impart to you wisdoms that allow you to make this transformation smoother than it has been.

Watch your skies there are so many indicators within your cloud formations. Look up Dear Ones, call on us, welcome us into your meditations as we share with you the information that you were intended to bring forth at this momentous time on your Planet.

Dear Ones, everything is truly in Divine, Perfect Timing.

And so it is.


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