Monday, April 10, 2017

Monday Message Archangel Michael
10th April, 2017 Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

How Joyous it is to witness YOU standing in your own power with discernment. No longer beLIEving all that you see portrayed. The Veil has lifted, and now many of you are no longer “buying the old stories” being fed to you by main stream news outlets.

You are becoming most discerning and no longer allow yourselves to be fooled by what is being shown to you to keep you under control.

Asleep no more. You are aware of how the old, tired dark energies are seeing you, they are now running scared that you will no longer be told what to do, or believe how things appear.

You are Awakened Be-ings - more so every day, and you will no longer be blindfolded and led in the ways of old.

Celebrate how much has changed for you Dear Ones. YOU are the change-makers leading the way of the LIGHT. There is now more Light than darkness and only the remnants of the old is left behind. However, they are still trying desperately to hold ground, which is rapidly drifting from beneath their feet.

Congratulations Dear Ones, for no longer are you being fooled into believing that which has been fed to you for eons.

These are indeed times of great change and the LIGHT is now leading the way, showing the TRUTH and lighting up anything that has been hidden by the darkness for way too long.

Now is the time to rejoice Dear Hearts, for YOU are now the instigators of the Massive Evolution on your Planet and with ALL who walk beside you, VICTORY is assured.

Still many great changes lay before you and each new day brings new or remembered information and you are feeling that awareness resonate within your bodies.

So much is transmuting, your bodies, your awareness, and now wonderful information is being down loaded to all.

You are expressing expectation and excitement even though you can’t quite see it
ALL just yet, but you are envisioning more every day.

The next two weeks of April will bring forth even greater awareness. As outlined in earlier messages - some on your Planet will be “shocked” by what is about to be revealed. Those of you who have walked this path for many years are wearily prepared to hold the hands of those now awakening.

I have spoken many times of the Magic and Miracles that await you and for many such experiences have begun and before long ALL WILL KNOW THAT WHICH WE HAVE SPOKEN OF.

Open your hearts Dear Ones, breathe in the Magic and Miracles, dare to Dream once again for it is YOU creating such.

Allow yourselves to reach out to others and embrace all you have come to BE at this point, in the most incredible unfolding of your New Earth.

Hold hands and hearts and ALLOW - much is now unfolding and you are the Architects of this New Earth.

How does your future appear Dear Hearts?

Let your Creations flow forth.

For it is so.


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