Monday, April 3, 2017

Monday Message Archangel Michael
13th February, 2017 Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Monumental times you are experiencing. Just as you wished.

Time is moving so fast, look at where you are now in your new year of 2017. Time will appear to speed up even more in these next few months.

The Planetary cycles are your cycles also, and what affects one, affects all.

Humanity is in a time of mass expansion, an evolutionary process you agreed upon for this lifetime and the experiences you needed.

Such an exciting time to be present on Planet Earth. As agreed, you are now assisting with the orchestrating of the New Planet Earth.

Change is rapid and relentless.

Your new Crystalline bodies are coming on line - not without challenges we note. However, all is in perfect alignment to roll out as designed.

Many Souls are dragging their feet in resistance to all that is unfolding. Resistance is futile Dear Ones. Allow yourselves to get in the “flow” - relax into what is unfolding and the ride will be less intense.

Relax, breathe, flow Dear Ones and you will notice your lives moving with so much more ease. If you continue to “push against” what is unfolding you will feel the repercussions more directly.

Relax, breathe, now is the time to reconnect to your Soul Calling. All that you have been, done, become, will no longer serve you.

This 2017 year of New Beginnings will ignite within you all that you ‘ARE’ and all that you have called forth for this magnificent time frame.

Change, everywhere you look, all over your precious Planet.


This year will be a “System Buster” and when you end this year (which will dissolve in the blink of an eye) you will look back and you will “try” to remember what your old life resembled.

So much change Dear Ones, we remind you do not fear who or what political party is “seemingly” in control this day. Their days are numbered. 

The changes engulfing all the Planet include:

+New Governance
+New Monetary Systems


Totally new systems are being installed at this time, all in readiness for unveiling in future moments. All is in readiness Dear Hearts.

Let go of of fears of what is coming, for what is coming is made from your dreams, your envisioning, your LOVE.

LOVE is the new element on the table. All that is not of LOVE can no longer remain - do you understand that statement Dear Ones?

Breathe it in.

Look around you. Do you not see LOVE growing exponentially  - LOVE is the major vibration on Planet Earth at this very moment.


Fear is leaving, it is leaving your bodies, your minds and your Planet. Fear does not leave graciously!!! That is why you are witnessing the turmoil as fear is forced to pack its bags, GO and never return.

LOVE AND LIGHT is the new currency and as you focus on these two elements, your world and all upon it will gradually gravitate to the new energetic framework.

See only LOVE, only LIGHT in and around you. Project it onto every situation that is not of that same vibration and watch how LOVE completely overcomes that which it is not, into that which LOVE IS.

Truly Magic and Miracles are the formulation of 2017 Dear Ones, allow the Alchemy to flow forth.

Dear Ones, so much LOVE AND LIGHT are engulfing your Planet and each one of you.

Open your Divine Hearts even wider each day as the Creator Light flows into each and every cell of your Divine bodies. Breathe it in. Anchor it into the Earth Star Chakra beneath your feet - allowing all who walk on Planet Earth to bathe in this infusion of LOVE AND LIGHT radiating to all Beings.

Time for the Change you are Dear Beings of Light and Love.

And so it is.


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