Monday, August 1, 2016

Monday Message 1st August, 2016   Archangel Michael    Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

You now know that you require more rest, sleep or just quiet, reflective time.

Much is happening energetically to you. You are electro magnetic Be-ings therefore all are affected and the results show up in your body vehicles.

Take time to slow down and just BE - all of these energetic upgrades are having an impact on your nervous systems causing anxiousness/anxiety, anger, frustration, etc. etc. These upgrades are also affecting your head/brain causing headaches, fogginess, forget-fullness and just plain fatigue on all levels.

Many are also experiencing strange body aches and pains, shifting and changing to different parts of the body.

Exhaustion is taking its toll on all of you, so we remind you to take care of yourself first. Attend to your own needs, allowing you to be refreshed to attend to the needs of others.

As these up-grades continue to flow through you, your bodies will adjust incrementally, allowing you to flow in more ease as time moves forward.

As always, call on us, we are assisting you in every way possible but we do need you to ask.

The energies of August/September will be once again “intense” as the up-grading, re-wiring, rejuvenation of your new crystalline bodies move toward the next major alignment.

Remain focused on the LOVE THAT YOU ARE  and radiate that out to your fellow beings allowing the Light Quotient of Earth to continue to increase to its maximum capacity. Remember Dear Ones, within every 24 hour period of your time, your bodies take in the amount of Light that each of you can tolerate. Be gentle with yourselves and each other.

Remember, Dear Ones, you are the LIGHT,  you are the LOVE, and you are successfully bringing that LIGHT that is driving out the darkness, daily.

August/September are pivotal months for 2016 - the year of endings, the year of massive change on Planet Earth.

So many magical times ahead for all humanity as the LIGHT continues to spread vigorously across the Planet.

Leave fear behind, when you see what is unfolding in the old world send your LOVE/LIGHT to that area. It is truly just the old remnants being cleared because of the work you are doing. Because of your commitment to the Light, the dark is coming up to be transmuted.

Stay true to your mission Dear Ones. Only give your energy to the Light. When all fear is withdrawn only LIGHT will remain.

Victory is yours Dear Ones.

We remain vigilant in our love and support of your desire to see Peace on Earth, Abundance for all Be-ings and LOVE radiating across Planet Earth once more.

And so it is and so it will be.


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