Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday Message                                                            29th August, 2016  
Archangel Michael                                                     Leslie-Anne Menzies                                                          

Dear Ones,

You are the CHANGE-AGENTS as witnessed by all in the higher realms. You are celebrated for all you have chosen to undertake in this unique lifetime.

As we observe Planet Earth, we are constantly in AWE of what we witness unfolding. You inspire us with your ingenuity, when it comes to problem solving. So many obstacles seemingly appear in the Collective and then you creatively find solutions previously not thought of. A true sign of Creator Beings. You are also noticing in your individual lives you are finding solutions which until recently were unavailable. You Create different outcomes by your Intentions.

Dear Ones, so much has shifted in your energetic spaces, so much more allowing. So many more possibilities once unheard of. This is how Creator Beings manifest - it is a lesson in perseverance and appreciation.

Gratitude is playing a larger role in your everyday lives. You are learning to be grateful and appreciate the smallest possibilities. What has us equally excited, is your ability to also see the “gratitude” in moments previously thought of as obstacles. This is the growth of a Master Dear Ones. When you can rejoice and celebrate the things that didn’t work out as you had planned, BUT you see the JOY in what did unfold, and you appreciate the lesson in that unfoldment. True Spiritual growth and understanding that only a few short years ago so many would not have seen this as an opportunity to expand their awareness.

Many souls in the past accepted “victimhood” whereas now your spiritual understanding allows for the growth and change that indeed breeds MASTERS. Forgiveness of SELF/OTHERS is KEY.

As always our hearts are delighted with what we witness as we stand with our wings wrapped around you, allowing you to expand even further. Know you have the love and support of the Higher Realms in all ways.

You are also MASTERING being present as a witness to the challenges of other’s pain. Not taking on their energy - allowing them their own personal experiences but forever having an open heart and hand to assist when a HUG says a thousand words.

You are becoming the MASTERS of PEACE on your Planet. So many individuals now standing up for PEACE - no longer able to tolerate a vibration lower than that. Your bodies react against vibrations not resonating with PEACE. You will move away from anyone whose vibration is not matching yours. You can no longer tolerate low vibration. It is not a case of being “better than” it is an energetic field you can no longer be a part of.


Dear Masters, the greatest Solar Eclipse EVER to be experienced by humanity arrives in a couple of days. Prepare yourself for massive changes - the changes will be palpable - you will know without a doubt great change has come to Planet Earth. There is no fear in this statement - just preparation. Your Higher Self KNOWS this is your time.
September, 2016 will be etched on your calendars forever. For many this will be the time of their grand awakening. Others who have trodden carefully on the path with a “foot in both realities” will know it is time to choose to fully awaken to their true being-ness.

This is the Demarkation Point you will KNOW in September what all the fuss has been about.

Changes, what changes? 
As Creator Beings you will influence these changes for your Highest Good and the Highest Good of all BEINGS.  You will witness and be the change you came to be. 

A very powerful month indeed. A new understanding of your Earth Sun will become evident as this month unfolds.

Call on the Magnificent Light that will permeate all creation. This month, change will affect ALL - the animals, the Earth and particular all Beings of Planet Earth. Glorious times are ahead for all.

These are the times you have called forward Dear Ones. It is with great Joy and Anticipation we walk with you.

Dear Masters, stand tall, be the Beacons you came to be. Let your Light shine so bright, those coming out of the darkness will KNOW you are there to be of service.

PEACE will reign on EARTH because of YOU Dear Masters.

LOVE/LIGHT will shine forth because of YOU.

TRUTH will be revealed because YOU can no longer tolerate being lied to and manipulated.

FREEDOM is yours LIGHT MASTERS.    ABUNDANCE in all forms is yours.

DIVINE PERFECT HEALTH is your birthright.

You will shine your LIGHT and acknowledge your SOVEREIGNTY NOW AND FOREVER.

And so it is.


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