Monday, August 8, 2016

Monday Message                                                                         8th August, 2016                                                                       
Archangel Michael                                                                 Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Are you ready to roar with these powerful energies of the Lion’s Gate 8/8 2016?

Did you awaken today feeling “different” as though something has shifted, internally as well as externally? Be prepared for so much more. This is just the beginning of these magnificent new changes you have envisioned for eons.

Feel the Sun energies in your Solar Plexus. Breathe these energies through your beautiful body vehicles - feel enlivened, rejuvenated and regenerated.

All is in readiness for you to step forward into this Planetary Alignment of Abundance for all, Peace and Prosperity. All this is happening because of YOU Earth Warriors, you are the ones who have set your energies and intentions to be the change you wished to experience.

So much ahead for you all now as you take yet another step up the Evolutionary ladder and claim what has been rightfully yours. You stand on the precipice of so many extraordinary changes and you are ready to accept the mantle of who you truly are, and all you came to BE.

The Lion’s Gate is the “Infinity” portal. You are Infinite Beings Dear Ones - practice using the ***Infinity Breath Sequence to bring into your awareness, all that you are.

We in the Angelic Realms have awaited this time with great expectation and as always have loved you into these gifts and abilities you have brought forth for these momentous times.

Are you ready Dear Ones?

The LIGHT has arrived - YOU ARE THE LIGHT.

Let us begin to embrace each other, accepting each of us with the unique gifts and talents we have brought to share - NO MORE SEPARATION.

Look to your brother’s and sister’s and only see YOU reflected back in their eyes. Then Dear Ones you can do no harm.

Embrace the Animal Kingdom who have been supporting these massive changes also. Look into their eyes and once again see only YOU. What a difference will befall your planet when all humanity ‘OWN’ who they have come to be.

We stand with you, at the starting gate to this new reality and as you move forward we will walk each new step with you in Love and Gratitude for all you have achieved and all you have be-come.

Congratulations Dear Ones, times like no other. Let the Celebrations begin. Holding hands and hearts we step into this new era.
We stand with you now as you honour your position in this new evolutionary phase of humanity.

You are beyond ready for this awakening and so many Be-ings - from all levels of existence - step forward to assist those who wish to step up and claim their birthright.

Much is unfolding on your Planet - truly the “end-times” for the old world. As always we implore you not to give your focus or attention to anything the old play is projecting - all is concluding - the curtain is about to rise on all that no longer serves you.

Only shine LOVE - fear is ready to exit stage left of this old production.

You are the cast and crew readying yourselves for the most glorious production of your new Earth.

The Stage is set Dear Ones - the time is NOW and you are the ONES ready to put into action all that you have gained in these past times, knowing these times were ready to burst forth.

The Lion is ready to pounce and play and bring into fruition all that you have strived for - time to stand tall Dear Ones, acknowledge who you are, embrace the reality of the 8/8 2016 Lions Gate energies.

From this day forward all will be altered - this is a time like no other - a time to be spoken of in future times.

You will recognise the signature of this date and you will marvel at what transpires

BE LOVE         BE LIGHT       BE YOUR glorious selves.

And so it is.

                                                      I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL.

***Infinity Breath Sequence

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