Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday 22nd August, 2016   AAMichael Message   Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

You are becoming ‘GRAND MASTER’S OF THE LIGHT.’ 

As conveyed in previous messages, I wish to reiterate - the greatest gift you can give yourselves or another is the Conscious, Heart Inspired action of energetically sending LOVE AND LIGHT. 

For added impetus - place your hand on your heart, speak the person’s name, this vibration heightens the intention of the LOVE AND LIGHT being received directly into their energy field. Also stating .... I AM  sending LOVE AND LIGHT to................... heightens it tenfold. It will not only be received but most importantly felt.

The transition of Planet Earth continues and so many times you feel helpless as to what action you can take to make a genuine difference. If you spend just a few moments each day focusing on places/individuals who require this energy transaction, you will also benefit. It is “impossible” to only give, for it is in giving that you receive. UNIVERSAL LAW.

As Lightworker’s, Way-shower’s, Star Seeds, whatever “tag” you associate with, you have been on this pathway tirelessly for eons and it was always your “intention” to step forward and show the way. Many are now tired and preparing to step back to allow those coming forth into these new energies to show the way forward. All that has been accomplished to this day could not have been achieved without YOU, Dear Masters. What has been achieved is beyond miraculous and though many are weary, your feeling of accomplishment resounds throughout the Universe.

Those of you with the energy to push on, have indeed weathered many personal storms - loss of loved ones through transition, loss of relationships, family and friends. For many of you it has been material objects homes, farms, livelihoods, life styles which appear to have been “taken from you through circumstances beyond your control.” Everything Dear Ones is in Divine and perfect order. These “circumstances” were required for your Soul Growth and was a choice made by you to Master your environment and return balance to you and all humanity.

The lessons and sacrifices you have made are what has taken you out of your cocoon to the amazing transformation taking place in your lives on a daily basis. NONE of you would wish to return to your “old life” with all it’s control and limitations. Dear Ones, you are fast becoming un-limited beings - much to celebrate.

The new expansive, regenerating YOU stands at the threshold of all that lays before you. You can feel the excitement building and even though many of you are unsure of the future you have FAITH AND TRUST that what you have given up will be replaced by the most Glorious future.

You Dear Masters are now being asked to gather all you have gleaned from past occurrences to allow you to be witness to your Brother’s and Sisters just awakening from the Dream.

I tell you Dear Ones, they will awaken much faster and will be dazed by what is to be revealed to them. You have the Knowledge, Understanding and Compassion to steer them through their own rough terrain. You will shorten their journey to the other side, for you Dear Ones have the tools and the gifts to share with your fellow Beings as they chose to “own” their Mastery.

These are the days you have dreamed Dear Ones, unfolding at such a rapid rate now, time feels endless. Days into weeks, weeks into months - just a blur - and no memory of what happened - as it needs be.

Watch as miracles unfold before your eyes Dear Ones and know it is because of YOU these miracles have been birthed.

Oh Dear Ones, if you could only see a fraction of how we honour and adore you for what you bring to these momentous times.

Our smiles of adoration grow larger every day and we watch the Master’s becoming, assisting the Master’s becoming - it is truly a JOY to behold.

You are all held in such Loving embrace Dear Ones.

And so it is.


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