Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday 15th August, 2016     Archangel Michael         Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

By now you have noticed the shift in the energies within and around you? These last few days have brought monumental changes within you and your consciousness. Are you feeling so much lighter? More confident?

Breathe in deeply, feel those energies, embrace all that is Divine within you.

Allow, Dear Ones.

As you move further into these times of rapid shifts, allow all to flow into your awareness. Let go of the need to push - just allow.

Welcome the new YOU.

You will now also notice manifestation will flow to you more easily. You are in the “wave” that is taking you to your desires. Watch as what you have been seeking, finds you in some very un-expected ways.

Always have gratitude for what appears in your awareness and watch then how that gratitude multiplies.

Changes in geographical location will happen for many as you begin to “feel” where you are best placed for what you have come to achieve.

Dear Ones, this is the beginning of so many wondrous new qualities you are about to embrace. As the shackles fall, and fear subsides, you will allow yourselves to dream once again. This time however, you KNOW those dreams will come to fruition.

You can feel it.

Freedom is yours to experience within each of your beingness. Step into the “feeling of freedom.” Step out from that old feeling of fear - breathe - allow it to leave your body. What an incredible feeling now that you can finally TRUST all that is about to unfold.

These coming times are what your dreams are made of. Remember Dear Ones, it is because of your dedication that the return of the LIGHT WAS POSSIBLE. The LIGHT has  finally returned to Planet Earth and it is because of YOU.

You always knew it would not easy, and yes we know there were many, many times you wanted to quit and return HOME to rest - but you have bravely carried on, and got up one more time and continued because in your Heart and Soul you knew this was your destiny and you also knew there would be a time of JUBILATION. 

Dear Ones, we tell you that time is NOW.

You have been grandly successful in your achievements and the Light is now penetrating all darkness which is fading into oblivion.

Expect to see more “signs” of this even in your mainstream news, as it can no longer be ignored. Such major upheaval will become common place as the old guard pack up their tents forever. Anything not holding Light will fold - including your governments, banking, anyone or anything not of Conscious Integrity. Prepare for great change, which comes from co-operation and co-creation and working in harmony for the good of ALL. 

Every day new and exciting revelations will unravel, giving you the reassurance you have been seeking. 

You will KNOW beyond doubt of our existence once and for all.

These are the times you have dreamed into reality Dear Ones.

We are celebrating each step with you as always.

This is just the beginning of the New Earth for a New Humanity.

Peace and Harmony Dear Ones

And So it is.


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