Monday, July 22, 2013

Archangel Michael 22nd July, 2013

MONDAY MESSAGE 22nd JULY, 2013 - ARCHANGEL MICHAEL     Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

What a time you have all just transitioned - huge energetics, huge changes for you and your Earth. And yet here you are on the other side? So much shifted and moved within and around you - within and around your bodies, your Solar System, your Earth. Breathe Dear Ones what has just taken place has taken quite a toll on your nervous systems. It is now time to breathe and recalibrate. Congratulate yourselves for all you have transmuted.

So many of your old attachments, jobs, money, security, relationships, have all been affected - it is truly a time of letting go of the old and embracing the new Earth that you are creating with each breath, with each step. Many of you are struggling with letting go of what has served you well??? up until now. And even if it did not serve you well, it was familiar, safe and felt secure, until recently. So much of the old you is now gone. How does that feel Dear Ones ? We in the Light Realms watch as you struggle, complain and bemoan the passing of all the old ways of being much of which you didn’t enjoy anyway!Oh how you enjoy holding on to anything, and sometimes you would just rather have that what you know than reach out for what is in fact more in alignment with you. And that is exactly what is happening to you all Dear Ones you are now aligning with that which is resonating with the new you, the new Earth, the new way of being. In a short space of time you will forget how hard you fought to hold onto the old. You have wrestled it to the ground and now it is time to walk away and have the TRUST and FAITH to watch as the MIRACLES unfold on this new Earth.

As you take these tentative steps into your very new future reality, breath, relax TRUST all will be even more amazing than you can even yet imagine. You are all doing this in a way that has never been done before. In the past when these large transformations happened to your Earth you went home and came back when it was all settled and ready for the next chapter. Can you now see why we call you the Greatest Angels that have ever lived on Planet Earth because you have chosen to stay through the chaos, through the most uncertain of times, when all your biggest fears and anxieties will be tested to the upmost. And here you are, some are even still smiling - we love that. Some of you are truly TRUSTING and praying (a lot) that this is worth being here for. And we tell you Dear Ones you will be astonished at what you will achieve and how this will all play out. You have all been through so much but that is now behind you - the best is yet to come as they say in the classics and it is true.

Keep breathing, keep loving and supporting each other, keep holding the vision you are all dreaming into reality. I remind you Dear Ones you are Creating this new Earth so keep your thoughts of the highest vibration you are so much more powerful than you realise and so every thought you have is now manifesting so very quickly. Uplifting thoughts, emotions and seeing your dreams projected on to the Earth will unfold in such a wonderful time you will be astounded at how this all plays out.

We in the Realms of Illuminated Light are by your side, holding your hands, wiping your tears when it all gets just too much for your human minds to comprehend. We are assisting you Dear Ones to hold the bigger picture, remember who you are, remember why you came and we will all walk this path together towards the Rainbow that awaits you at the other side of this bridge you are building.

As always Dear Ones we are honoured to share this journey and remind you to feel us around you, look and you will see Light in every direction. You are not or ever have been alone. This is such a co-creative process it will astound you when you finally take off the last of the blinkers and see what you have created.

Take off the blinkers Dear Ones it is safe to do so - you will see and create Miracles through your own imagination - what a beautiful sight awaits you - so much LOVE and so many MIRACLES are yours for the asking.

Ask Dear Ones - Ask


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