Saturday, July 6, 2013

Workshop 28th July, 2013


Know that there is a place that is calling all of us at this special time in the Universe.
The world is changing. And although we know that we are constantly changing somehow this time it feels different.

You would be noticing your close friends and family are feeling and commenting on the changes. The World is changing. Family and friends, now closer to us through social media and mobile phones, are talking about all their changes and feeling change.

As Lightworkers we know within that we are here to help others at this time.

My work over the past few years as a Lightworker channeling Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel has provided so much information to pass on all who wish to know and understand the importance of this time on Planet Earth.

A short message from AAMichael:

Dear Ones . . .

It is with great excitement we look forward to the gathering of Lightworker’s at this event.
We have much to impart to all for you to understand the importance of this time on the Planet. Great change is upon you - so much disruption around you.

We  will give you tools to stand in your power with EASE and GRACE and allow yor progression into the new consciousness. Exciting times await you Dear Ones.

Be the LOVE that YOU ARE . . .

DATE: JULY 28, 2013           Time: from 10 am to 5 pm
                                               (Shared lunch - Please bring a plate)
Leslie-Anne Menzies

BOOKINGS: 0408 083 185


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