Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday 15th July, 2013 Archangel Michael Message Leslie-Anne Menzies

Monday 15th July, 2013        Archangel Michael Message        Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Are you feeling the “light-ness”? Are you feeling the anticipation that is permeating the Planet? Just as the Mother (Gaia) is anticipating the birth of all that is new for her so too her inhabitants are feeling the newness. Exciting times, we have stated many times Dear Ones but we in the realms of Light are seeing just what ingenious bringers of the Light and change you are now capable of, and it is even beyond our wildest dreams. There was a time when we were unsure as to how you would, as a collective, be able to bring this all together and here you are - we need not have been perplexed as you are the greatest Creator Beings to ever inhabit the Planet. What amazing times lay ahead for you all. So many of your earthly brothers and sisters are awakening - awakening in huge numbers daily. It is no longer time to be asleep on Planet Earth with all that is rapidly transforming.

Everything is in place for the next transition to commence. This is what you are feeling and anticipating and because you are co-creating this it is happening. We watch as always but more importantly we assist in any way possible to bring about the beautiful Earth you have dreamed into being.

Great Plans you had, great wisdoms shared and ignited all within the vast capabilities of the Creators you ARE. It is a joy to be the assistants of the Great Architects of the New Earth.

The plans that are unfolding are even greater than your collective originally envisaged and here you are executing these plans daily.

The amount of Love and Light that is emanating from each of you on a daily basis increases and therefore it radiates out to ALL who come into contact with you. Words are not necessary Dear Ones your energy fields do and say all that needs to be done or said.

Keep that Love, Light vibration shining brightly and enjoy all that you create daily. You are beginning to understand the full meaning of personal responsibility and it shows throughout the Planet. When all of you collective/personal responsibility joins together you create the change that all are witnessing.

Do you feel the Power that comes from making these changes - and when we speak of power it is not power over - anyone or anything - it is Personal Power, the awakening of who you truly are as a Citizen of Planet Earth. You are a Citizen co-creating the New Planet Earth inhabited by personally responsible Beings of Light, living, loving in a
co-creative process. No wonder you feel excited Dear Ones this is why you stepped forward when the Clarion Call went out to be here at this great Cosmic Moment.

What a joy it is to hold hands and walk this path in Unity with all the Beings of this magnificent Earth. Keep shining your magnificent Light Dear Ones, more souls are waking up and need to “see you” when they wipe the sleep from their eyes.

As always we are so very close holding your hands.


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