Monday, July 8, 2013

Archangel Michael Message 8th July, 2013


Dear Ones

Are you enjoying the Light that is more rapidly appearing on your Planet? You are raising the energetic frequencies of Light so much faster now. Although many of you are not sleeping please be assured you are working diligently in the sleep/awake space to transmute so much of the old energetics that once gone will NEVER return.

Some of you Lightworker’s are feeling exhausted, some are feeling exhilarated and some are half way in between those feelings. More often now the exhilaration will be felt as you move into these lighter vibrations and the LOVE THAT YOU ARE becomes so much more evident in your own space and that of those who share your lives.

Exciting times Dear Ones, times that have been long promised. Here you are about to step into your very new energy matrix with all the gifts and skills required to bring you into this magnificent time on Planet Earth.

We have stated many times, those of us in the Angelic Realms and the Realms of Light could not be more delighted with how this is all playing out.

We see from our vantage point the hopes and dreams you hold in your hearts and we also watch as those beautiful hearts are expanding on a daily basis - it is a Joy to Behold.

The Love and the Light that you are is being reflected back to you and you in turn reflect it back to those around you. Growth and expansion is evident in all that is unfolding within your world.

Soul Groups uniting all around the Planet to bring about the changes necessary. Your Soul Contracts are being enacted all over the world. The Light has been turned on and turned up to the highest frequency you can maintain at this point in time. The darkness is fading just as it was decided when you all agreed to stand in the Light of the Creator and Shine forth.

Your Piece of the Puzzle is becoming more evident to you each day. Your self-worth, self-respect is growing in intensity leaving behind the old paradigm of fear. Dear Ones you are becoming fear-less what a sight for us to witness.

From this moment forward, keep marching in unison, keep shining your Light and your Love on anything that is not of the Highest Vibration for all beings who call Planet Earth HOME.

You are becoming all you came to be at this time - you feel it, you respond when called, that is what you agreed to do. You knew before you incarnated that these times, this transition, this evolution would not be easy. That is evident in what is happening to you personally as well as globally. However you moved to the front of the line when the call went out. Here you are Dear Ones, we are so proud and excited as we watch the transition unfold, and unfold in such miraculous of ways, ways even we were unable to envisage - such clever beings of Light you are Dear Ones.

Remember just how close we are and that we shall NEVER leave your side. It is the time for all of your dreams to come to fruition and we are waiting in the wings, cheering you on like proud parents watching you play your chosen game. This is the biggest game you will ever participate in Dear Ones and the rewards will be the most magnificent you could ever imagine.

Imagine Dear Ones - how do you wish this game to play out - you are the Co-creators, we watch in love and support as you go about your days creating your new reality.

Create well Dear Ones.


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